Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Broadcast September 15, 2014 (NBC)

Fallon holds Streisand's new album

Barbra Streisand's last appearance on The Tonight Show was in 1963 when Johnny Carson hosted. Fifty years later, Barbra came back to publicize her new album “Partners” which features duets with male singers including Elvis Presley, Blake Shelton and Michael Buble.

"Of course Elvis is no longer with us," Jimmy Fallon explained in his introduction. "So standing in for Elvis, Blake and Buble will be me."

He introduced Streisand “one of the biggest stars in the history of show business.” Barbra came out wearing a smart tuxedo outfit, and in a lovely, buttery voice, began singing “Love Me Tender.” Fallon joined her in an Elvis wig and sunglasses. "My king," Streisand quipped.

Next, Streisand performed "I'd Want It to Be You," with Fallon wearing a cowboy hat, standing in for country artist Blake Shelton. "I can hardly tell the difference," Streisand joked. "That's actually good."

Fallon and Streisand performed a chorus line kick as they rounded up the medley with “It Had To Be You.”

Streisand and Fallon sing medley

After the performance and commercial break, Fallon invited Streisand to take the host's chair behind the Tonight Show desk. "Let's be honest — you're never coming back here," Fallon joked.

“Singing with you was a dream come true for me,” Fallon told Streisand.

“Do you really want to be a singer?” she asked, to which he replied, “Why would you say it like that?”

Barbra teased Jimmy: "I wouldn't give up your night job, you know what I mean?" she said.

"Actually," she clarified, "I'm very impressed with you. My husband [James Brolin] and I watch you all the time, and you're very musical and really good. So, I was just making a joke at your expense!"

Later in the interview Fallon confessed: “I gotta be honest, I thought you might be a nightmare, or a diva. But, you were nice to everybody here. You are allowed to be a diva. What did you do with Barbra Streisand?!”

“I’m quite ordinary," replied Streisand. "We lead a simple life. We don't really like the big-time stardom thing. We take little trips in a truck. My husband drives," she added.

Streisand and Fallon at Tonight Show desk

At another point in the interview, Fallon held up the sexy cover for her 1977 album Superman. "That's when the tush was up," Barbra joked.

Discussing the new album, Fallon was surprised that Streisand would redo the classic song "People" with Stevie Wonder.

"It's a whole other way of looking at the song," she explained. "It was trying to reinterpret the song."

Streisand ended her Tonight Show appearance with a stunning solo performance of "Come Rain or Come Shine."

Streisand sings Arlen song


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