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Broadcast September 20, 2012 (QVC)

Release Me CD on Q Check

Streisand calls into QVC

Shopping cable channel QVC sold a special version Barbra Streisand's album Release Me — they included a Bonus DVD which contained the Electronic Press Kit videos of Barbra talking about the songs on the album.

At the noon segment of Q Check, Barbra Streisand phoned into the show and talked with host Jonathan Redford (related to Robert Redford—first cousin, twice-removed) and Richard Jay-Alexander, who was plugging the CD, Release Me.

Barbra talked about the songs on Release Me:

“People have heard about them. And there's some like ‘Glocca Mora’ on YouTube, I guess. So, you know, I figured why not release them since people know about them?”

On why she didn't release the songs in the first place, Streisand said, “I was always more finicky earlier on. If I didn't like one note I didn't release something, but they're pretty good.

“Whatever flaws I think they have ... I'm just leaving them there. I'm less demanding now, more forgiving of myself. It's my work and I wanted to share it with the public.”

Barbra joked during the call-in, “How 'bout I don't even have a copy? I worked on this album for a long time, I don't even have a copy. Can I buy one?”

When Richard Jay-Alexander confessed he bought ten CDs, Barbra said with a laugh, “No! I'm only gonna buy one, Richard.”

Finally, before she hung up, Barbra revealed, “Aren't the vaults interesting? They're humongous. All these side passages filled with these things. There's probably a volume 2 to be had, too, because I have enough songs for volume 2, probably three.”

Alexander and Redford


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