Streisand—Live In Concert

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Broadcast on CBS April 25, 2009

  • Conceived & Directed by: Barbra Streisand and Richard Jay-Alexander
  • Executive Producer: Barbra Streisand & Martin Erlichman
  • Written by: Barbra Streisand, Jeffrey Richman, Jay Landers, Richard Jay-Alexander
  • Additional Dialague: Evan Davis
  • Produced for Television by: Gary Smith
  • Directed for Television by: Gary Smith & Barbra Streisand
  • Music Director: William Ross
  • Piano: Randy Waldman
  • Executive Producer & Tour Director for CPI: Michael Cohl
  • Audio Recorded & Mixed by: Dave Reitzas
  • Sound Designer: Bruce Jackson
  • Special Guest Stars: Il Divo and Steve Bridges (as President George W. Bush)
  • Stage Designer: Jeremy Railton
  • Lighting Designer: Peter Morse
  • Personal Assistant to Ms. Streisand & Samantha: Renata Buser
  • Assistant to Ms. Streisand: Kim Skalecki
  • Ms. Streisand's Wardrobe Designed by: Barbra Streisand & Donna Karan
  • Stand-Ins for Ms. Streisand: Elizabeth Ward Land, Liz Callaway
  • Edited by: Mike Polito, Mark Stepp, John Zimmer

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Pictures from CBS broadcast of Live in Concert

About 4.98 million viewers tuned in to watch the one-hour Streisand special on CBS. Streisand: Live in Concert was the winner for the evening, ahead of Cops, Law & Order and the Harry Potter movie on other networks. The special was filmed in Florida in 2006.

The CBS broadcast was an edited version of the complete concert (which was sold days after the concert aired in DVD and Blu-Ray formats). Here are the ten songs which were included in the broadcast:

Starting Here, Starting Now; The Way We Were; Evergreen; Funny Girl; My Man; When the Sun Comes Out; Carefully Taught/Children Will Listen; Unusual Way; Somewhere; Don't Rain On My Parade (reprise).

Other ways in which the CBS broadcast differed from the DVD:

A 3-DVD set of Streisand: Live in Concert 2006, The Concert (Anaheim 1994), and The Making of The Broadway Album went on sale on April 28th. The Concerts debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top Music Video chart. Barbra's official site said the DVD set scored “the highest sales for any music DVD thus far this year.” Live in Concert 2006 was 1:39 minutes in length on the DVD and also included interviews with production people, two extra songs (“Nobody's Heart Belongs to Me” and “Woman in the Moon”), and more.

Filming the Special

Live in Concert 2006 was filmed by hi-def video cameras at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida on October 28 and 30, 2006. The schedule was demanding on Barbra and her crew!

On Saturday, October 28th, the crew loaded in the staging, lighting, and sound equipment starting from 2:00—6:00 AM. They taped the show live that evening.

On Sunday, Barbra and crew worked, despite it being a non-concert day. The television crew worked with Barbra and Il Divo's stand-ins during the day in order to perfect their camera shots and lighting. Steadicam close-up shots of Streisand were filmed from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Creating a Streisand television special involves more than just turning the cameras on.

Streisand's television crew, led by Gary Smith (who's worked on previous Streisand specials over the years) worked tirelessly before and after the shows capturing additional takes, close-ups, and re-takes. Getting camera angles correct and close-ups of orchestra players, etc. doesn't always happen live while the concert is going on. The television crew shoots “pick ups” [insert shots and retakes] of Streisand's songs to get them exactly right. When the final show is edited together, the live show and pick up shots blend seamlessly.

On Monday 10/30, the crew shot takes of entire musical numbers and pick ups with Barbra from 2-6pm. Barbra sang full-out for those four hours and then did the concert for the paying audience that same evening!

Streisand performed songs so that the steadicams could capture their shots; Gary Smith filmed the backstage vignettes with Barbra's dog, Sammy; Streisand sang “Wild is the Wind” with the orchestra to warm up (while the cameras rolled!); Streisand fretted over the lights and her hair color—getting her hair to look blond without the lights washing it out; and Streisand tried on different outfits to see which looked best on camera (she nixed the sparkly sailor suit she wore at some tour venues for the taping of the television show).


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