The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Aired: October 24, 2005 (Syndicated)

Ellen Degeneres and Barbra Streisand

In Fall 2005, Barbra Streisand did two interviews to plug her new album with Barry Gibb, Guilty PleasuresGood Morning America with Diane Sawyer, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Comedienne Ellen DeGeneres thrilled four Streisand “superfans” when she took them with her to Streisand's home. (Barbra's publicist let The Barbra Archives know that the interview was not done at Barbra Streisand's actual house. Someone else's private residence was utilized for the interview, about eight or ten miles from where Barbra lives.)

With the four fans sitting in the background, watching Ellen and Barbra talk, Ellen's line of questioning was ... weird.

Ellen: You live on the ocean. Do you surf?

Barbra: I'm Jewish and I'm from Brooklyn. We don't surf.

Ellen: You watch TV. What do you watch?

Barbra: I watch mainly the news and I love 24. I think that's an amazing show.

Ellen: What would make you want to the CD [Guilty Pleasures]?

Barbra: Because of pressure from my record company.

Ellen: (laughs) Oh I see. Obligation!

Ad for Barbra on the Ellen show

Ellen: Does [Jim Brolin] wear briefs or boxers?

Barbra: It's too personal.

Ellen: I guessed boxers.

Barbra: And how about there's another alternative?

Ellen: G-string, ladies.

Streisand was a good sport for the interview. Later she let Ellen know that her dear friend Evelyn had recently died and Ellen thanked her for doing the interview despite her loss.

Columbia Records bought some commercial time advertising the new album, and Ellen plugged it at the end of the interview.

Rick Walker was Director of Photography for this interview segment.


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