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With One Look / Memory / All I Ask of You
(# 659342 2 & 659342 7)

With One Look (From Sunset Boulevard) (3:32)

Memory (From Cats) (3:52)

All I Ask Of You (From The Phantom of the Opera) (4:02)

Released 1993

Front and back of WITH ONE LOOK single


About the Single

Andrew Llyod-Webber's new musical, Sunset Boulevard, was opening at London's Adelphi Theatre in July 1993 and the publicity machine to promote it was in full force. Streisand's recording of “With One Look”—released as a single by Sony U.K.—certainly helped the show. The 3-song CD contained all Lloyd-Webber show songs.

Streisand wrote in her Back to Broadway album notes that when she first heard “With One Look” from the show, “I was immediately taken with its strong melody. I couldn't wait to sing it—act it. The lyrics gave me the chance to play the character of Norma Desmond.”

Below: Vinyl single

Vinyl single


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