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Stranger in a Strange Land (CSK 17286)

Stranger in a Strange Land (4:48) (Barry Gibb, Ashley Gibb & Stephen Gibb)

Released September 1, 2005

Stranger CD single cover

Stranger CD label

About the Single

Columbia Records sent “Stranger in a Strange Land” to radio stations. A CD-single of “Stranger in a Strange Land” was offered as a free bonus disc to people who bought Guilty Pleasures online at the now-defunct Sony Music Store. The single was also available at some of the big “Super Stores” like Target and Walmart, as well as at Barnes & Noble book stores.

Stranger in a Strange land UK CD

Above: In the U.K., Columbia released an enhanced maxi-single [#82876 748652] of “Stranger in a Strange Land” which also included the single of 1980's “Guilty” and the video of “Stranger in a Strange Land.”


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