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Stoney End / I'll Be Home

Stoney End (2:57) (Laura Nyro)

I'll Be Home (2:55) (Randy Newman)

Released September 1970

Stoney End 7inch label

[Below: a UK and another non-U.S. picture sleeve of “Stoney End”]

UK picture sleeve of Stoney End

About the Single

Producer Richard Perry and Streisand “had a bet over whether ‘Stoney End’ would be a hit,” Streisand wrote in 1991. “He said Yes, I said No. The bet was settled when we were driving on Sunset Boulevard, and a local D.J. announced on the radio that the record had just hit #1 in Los Angeles. What a great way to lose!”

It's interesting to note that Diana Ross, over at Motown Records, had recorded both “Stoney End” and “Time and Love”, which were shelved and unreleased at the time. Ross would score a hit with “Ain't No Mountain High Enough” in August 1970.

Streisand's single of “Stoney End” was released in September and went to No. 6 on Billboard's charts.

Stoney End music ad

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