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Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over) /
Widescreen (# 3-10272)

7-inch single # 3-10272

Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over) (2:52) (B. Holland / L. Dozier / E. Holland)

Widescreen (3:59) (R. Holmes)


12-inch Disco Version # AS 217

Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over) (4:55) (B. Holland / L. Dozier / E. Holland)

Released December 1975

# AS 217 label:

Shake Me Wake Me 12-inch demo labels

# 3-10272 labels (promotional white labels shown):

# 3-10272 labels

Shake Me Wake Me label with Widescreen

About the Single

The “Shake Me, Wake Me” white label 12-inch record was serviced to dance club D.J.'s in 1975 by Columbia records. The vinyl record contained a 4:55-minute stereo “Disco Version” mix of the uptempo song on one side, and a mono mix on the other.

Columbia also released “Shake Me, Wake Me” as a 7-inch single. The long version ran 4:55 minutes, while the short version matched the album's 2:52 minute track.

“Shake Me, Wake Me” was Streisand's first foray into disco music and was the first 12-inch remix of an album track released by Streisand.

Letter from Streisand to Siano

Barbra sent New York D.J. Nicky Siano a thank you letter for “all the excitement” he had “helped cause” by playing “Shake Me.”


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