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If I Close My Eyes (Vocal) / If I Close My Eyes (Instrumental) (4-45780)

If I Close My Eyes (2:23) (M. Bergman, A. Bergman / B. Goldenberg)

Released January 1973

If I Close My Eyes single label

About the Single

“If I Close My Eyes” was written as the theme song of Barbra Streisand's 1973 movie, Up the Sandbox.

The picture sleeve for the SANDBOX single

(Above: The illustrated record sleeve for this single.)

From Time Magazine:

At work on Up the Sandbox, Goldenberg received daily phone calls from Leading Lady Barbra Streisand. Since shooting sessions lasted far into the night, the actress rang punctually at 2:30 a.m. "Hum me the music for tomorrow," she would request. During one predawn chat, Streisand asked Goldenberg if the movie's final measures could be extended into a song. "Sure," he replied. "Have it by 4," purred La Barbra. "I wrote like mad," Goldenberg recalls. "When she called, I hummed her the tune. She liked it, and the next day we got the word writers, Marilyn and Alan Bergman, to fit it out with a lyric." They booked an orchestra, and within a few weeks “If I Close My Eyes,” the movie's single, was ready for release.

Streisand nixed the idea of “If I Close My Eyes” being played over the movie's closing credits. You can hear Goldenberg's melody throughout the film, just without any Streisand vocals.

Years later, Streisand and Columbia Records included the single on Just For The Record.

[Sidenote: Goldenberg wrote Ballroom, based on the television movie Queen of the Stardust Ballroom, with the Bergmans.]


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