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Love Theme From “Eyes of Laura Mars” (Prisoner) / Music From “Eyes of Laura Mars” (Laura & Neville)

Love Theme From “Eyes of Laura Mars” (Prisoner) (3:54) (K Lawrence, J. Desautels)

Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “Eyes of Laura Mars”, Laura & Neville (Instrumental) (2:25) (A. Kane)

Released July 1978

Prisoner 7inch label

Music from LAURA MARS 7inch label

About the Single

Netherlands picture sleeve

(Above: A“ Prisoner” picture sleeve from the Netherlands)

Eyes of Laura Mars, starring Faye Dunaway and directed by Irvin Kershner, was produced by Barbra's boyfriend Jon Peters. Peters told the press, “Barbra's done a single, a song called ‘Prisoner,’ written for the movie as the theme from Eyes of Laura Mars. It's woven into the sound track throughout, which is very powerful and unexpected. It's going to be a number-one record.”

Karen Lawrence co-wrote “Prisoner” with John Desautels. Lawrence was the main singer for the band L.A. Jets—who performed at the big, Phoenix, Arizona concert staged for the filming of A Star is Born in 1976.

(Listen to Karen Lawrence's original version of the song on YouTube.)

LA Jets story

Lawrence thought Barbra did a great job on her song — “she can sing full blast, flat out, but she's sensitive, too,” she said. “Now that she's really doing it, it's just a mind blower. They even kept the little piano intro I wrote, which is flattering.”

Columbia Records also included “Prisoner” on Greatest Hits, Volume 2. The song also appeared on the Laura Mars soundtrack album, which is out of print.

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