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Places That Belong To You
(#CSK 4257 & #657794-5
& #657794-9)

Places That Belong To You (3:39) (James Newton Howard, Alan & Marilyn Bergman)

For All We Know (4:05) (J. Fred Coots & Sam M. Lewis)

Prince of Tides (Main Title) (4:17) (James Newton Howard)

Reased in Europe 1992

Places That Belong To You  single CD

About the Single

Columbia Records never released “Places That Belong To You” from Barbra's film The Prince of Tides as a single in the U.S.

Columbia did send out a promotional CD (# CSK 4257) to publicize the film and soundtrack. It contained one track—“Places That Belong To You” at 3:39 minutes long.

Europe received a 3-song CD with “Places,” “For All We Know,” and James Newton Howard's orchestral “Main Title.”

In Europe, Columbia also released a limited edition 4-track picture disc as well, #657794-9. The songs on that 4-track EP are:

  1. Places That Belong To You
  2. Warm All Over
  3. I Know Him So Well
  4. You'll Never Know (Duet).

EP of Places

The picture CD:

Prince of Tides EP CD

(Scans courtesy of Karl Urabl)

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