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Ordinary Miracles (#38-77533 & # 44K 77534)

Ordinary Miracles [Studio version] (3:57) (M Hamlisch, A. Bergman, M. Bergman)

Ordinary Miracles [Live version] (4:28) (M Hamlisch, A. Bergman, M. Bergman)

Released May 17, 1994

CD Single #44K 77534:

Ordinary Miracles single

Columbia 7-inch vinyl #38-77533 labels:

Ordinary Miracles 7inch label

About the Single

Columbia Records released a CD-single of the new Marvin Hamlisch-penned song, “Ordinary Miracles,” in May 1994 to promote Streisand's concert tour. The CD contained four songs:

  1. Ordinary Miracles (studio version)
  2. As If We Never Say Goodbye (from Back To Broadway)
  3. Evergreen (from One Voice)
  4. Ordinary Miracles (live version)

Columbia's CD-single (# 44K 77534) is very unique. The CD has Barbra's live version of “Ordinary Miracles” from the MGM Grand Hotel, recorded January 1, 1994. Also, for Streisand completists, the CD-single is rare because Barbra's studio version of “Ordinary Miracles” (produced and arranged by Walter Afanasieff)—which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance—is included.

Columbia released the Live and Studio versions of “Ordinary Miracles” as a 7-inch vinyl single, too (#38-77533).

Grammy Nomination


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