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The Morning After / Where Is The Wonder

The Morning After (2:40) (D. Shire, R. Maltby, Jr.)

Where is the Wonder (2:14) (M. Barr, D. McGregor)

Released April 1968

Morning After 7inch label

About the Single

Both songs were included on Streisand albums. “The Morning After” is from the 1968 album What About Today? “Where is the Wonder” is from 1965's My Name is Barbra album.

Columbia ad for Streisand single, THE MORNING AFTER

Note: “The Morning After” is not the same-titled song sung by Maureen McGovern for the 1973 film The Poseidon Adventure. Streisand is often cited as having recorded the Al Kasha & Joel Hirschhorn-written movie theme, which she did not.

Below: A picture sleeve from PortugalCBS #6518

Portugal picture sleeve


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