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Here is a complete look at Barbra Streisand's U.S. singles — with catalog numbers, picture sleeves, and scans of the labels. MAJOR UPDATE COMPLETED JUNE 2017.

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What are singles? If an album contains 10-15 songs, then a single (depending on the format) usually contains two songs. Columbia Records promoted Barbra Streisand's albums by releasing a song (or more, in some cases) as a single. Radio stations would play the singles on air, and record stores would sell them to fans.

Barbra's singles—from the early 1960s through the late-1980s—were vinyl records, commonly referred to as the 45 or 7-inch. The record's play speed was 45 revolutions per minute, and its diameter was 7 inches. Streisand also has a few 12-inch vinyl singles (extended remixes or disco/dance songs) in her catalog.

Once the 1990s arrived, Columbia Records moved into the digital age and released singles on compact disc.

For newer Streisand fans who may not have been around for vinyl records, it's important to know that 7-inch singles were 2-sided. The “A-side” was the featured song the record company hoped would be played on the radio and become a hit. The “B-side” (a.k.a. “flipside”) was a secondary song from the album. It could sometimes be a song that did not appear on a Streisand album.

The pages here concentrate on Streisand's U.S. singles, although there are some instances where European versions are discussed. [FYI: This site concentrates on Streisand's U.S. discography ... Paul Busa has self-published a very informative book that catalogs all of Barbra's domestic and international albums and singles. There's no reason for me to duplicate his work here. Order “The Barbra Streisand Record & CD Collector's Guide” from Amazon.]

Note: The information (Billboard data; special notes; etc.) here is taken from Mark Iskowitz's now defunct “Barbra Streisand Music Guide” website and was incorporated into these pages with permission from Mark. Also, thanks to Peter Curl and Frank Lubkemann for scans of some of the labels and picture sleeves utilized on these pages.

The Billboard (BB) chart data is presented in this order:

(example: BB: 7-3-65 / 6 / #79)

In order, below, by RELEASE DATE.

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Song / Side A Song / Side B Catalog # Release Date Notes

Miss Marmelstein

(Barbra Streisand)

Who Knows?

(Marilyn Cooper)

# JZSP 57067 April 1962 Read More
Happy Days Are Here Again When the Sun Comes Out # 4-42631 November 1962 Read More
My Coloring Book Lover, Come Back To Me # 4-42648 November 1962 Read More
People I Am Woman # 4-42965 January 1964 Read More
Absent Minded Me Funny Girl # 4-43127 August 1964

Read More


Why Did I Choose You? My Love # 4-43248 March 1965 Read More
Happy Days Are Here Again [Hall of Fame single] My Coloring Book # 13-33078 March 1965 Read More
My Man Where Is the Wonder? # 4-43323 June 1965

Read More

He Touched Me I Like Him # 4-43403 September 1965 Read More
Second Hand Rose The Kind of Man a Woman Needs # 4-43469 November 1965 Read More
Where Am I Going? You Wanna Bet # 4-43518 January 1966 Read More
[Hall of Fame single]
Second Hand Rose # 13-33092 1966 Read More
Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long The Minute Waltz # 4-43612 April 1966 Read More
Non C'est Rien Le Mur # 4-43739 July 1966 Read More
En Français — 4 song French EP # EP 6048 July 1966 Read More
Free Again I've Been Here # 4-43808 September 1966 Read More
Sleep in Heavenly Peace (Silent Night) Gounod's Ave Maria # 4-43896 October 1966 Read More
Stout-Hearted Men Look # 4-44225 June 1967 Read More
Lover Man My Funny Valentine # 4-44331 October 1967 Read More
Jingle Bells? White Christmas # 4-44350 November 1967 Read More
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas The Best Gift # 4-44351 November 1967 Read More
My Favorite Things The Christmas Song # 4-44352 November 1967 Read More
The Lord's Prayer I Wonder As I Wander # 4-44354 November 1967 Read More
Our Corner of the Night He Could Show Me # 4-44474 February 1968 Read More
The Morning After Where Is the Wonder? # 4-44532 April 1968 Read More
Funny Girl I'd Rather Be Blue Over You # 4-44622 July 1968 Read More
My Man Don't Rain On My Parade # 4-44704 November 1968 Read More
Frank Mills Punky's Dilemma # 4-44775 February 1969 Read More
Funny Girl
[Hall of Fame single]
I'd Rather Be Blue Over You # 13-33154 May 1969 Read More
My Man
[Hall of Fame single]
Don't Rain On My Parade # 13-33161 June 1969 Read More
Little Tin Soldier Honey Pie # 4-44921 July 1969 Read More
What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? What About Today? # 4-45040 October 1969 Read More
Before The Parade Passes By Love is Only Love # 4-45072 December 1969 Read More
Hello, Dolly! (mono) Hello, Dolly! (stereo) # 6714 December 1969 Read More
Song / Side A Song / Side B Catalog # Release Date Notes
The Best Thing You've Ever Done Summer Me, Winter Me # 4-45147 April 1970 Read More
On A Clear Day (mono) On A Clear Day (stereo) # AE-24 July 1970 Read More
Stoney End I'll Be Home # 4-45341 September 1970 Read More
Time and Love No Easy Way Down # 4-45341 February 1971 Read More
Flim Flam Man Maybe # 4-45384 April 1971 Read More
Where You Lead Since I Fell For You # 4-45414 June 1971 Read More

Stoney End
[Hall of Fame single]

Time And Love #13-33199 August 1971 Read More
Mother The Summer Knows # 4-45471 September 1971 Read More
Space Captain One Less Bell To Answer / A House Is Not A Home #4-45511 November 1971 Read More
Sweet Inspiration / Where You Lead Didn't We # 4-45626 May 1972 Read More
The Best Thing You've Ever Done
[Hall of Fame single]
What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? #13-33207 May 1972 Read More
Sing / Make Your Own Kind of Music Starting Here, Starting Now # 4-45686 August 1972 Read More
Didn't We On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) # 4-45739 November 1972 Read More
If I Close My Eyes If I Close My Eyes (Instrumental) # 4-45780 January 1973 Read More
The Way We Were What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? # 4-45944 September 1973 Read More
All in Love is Fair My Buddy / How About Me? # 4-46024 March 1974 Read More
The Way We Were
[Hall of Fame single]
All In Love Is Fair #13-33262 November 1974 Read More
Guava Jelly Love in the Afternoon # 3-10075 December 1974 Read More
Jubilation Let the Good Times Roll # 3-10130 April 1975 Read More
How Lucky Can You Get? More Than You Know # AS 0123 April 1975 Read More
My Father's Song By the Way # 3-10198 August 1975 Read More
Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over) Widescreen # 3-10272
and # AS 217
December 1975 Read More
Love Theme From “A Star is Born” (Evergreen) I Believe in Love # 3-10450 November 16, 1976 Read More
Evergreen (French language version - De Rêve En Rèverie)
Evergreen (English version) CBS #5101 February 1977 Read More
Evergreen (Italian language version - Sempreverde) Evergreen (English version) CBS #5062 February 1977 Read More
Evergreen (Spanish language version - Tema De Amor De "Nace Una Estrella") Creo En El Amor (I Believe In Love) CBS #5866 February 1977 Read More
My Heart Belongs To Me Answer Me # 3-10555 May 1977 Read More
Songbird Honey Can I Put On Your Clothes? # 3-10756 May 1978 Read More
Love Theme from “Eyes of Laura Mars” (Prisoner) Laura & Neville (Instrumental) # 3-10777 July 1978 Read More
You Don't Bring Me Flowers (duet with Neil Diamond) You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Instrumental) # 3-10840 October 1978 Read More
Love Theme From “A Star is Born” (Evergreen) - [Hall of Fame single] My Heart Belongs To Me # 13-33365 1979 Read More
You Don't Bring Me Flowers - [Hall of Fame single] Forever In Blue Jeans # 13-33382 1979 Read More
Superman A Man I Loved # 3-10931 March 1979 Read More
The Main Event/Fight (short version) The Main Event/Fight (Instrumental) #3-11008 and 12-inch promo AS 625 June 1979 Read More
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) {duet with Donna Summer} Wet # 1-11125 October 1979 Read More

No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) {duet with Donna Summer}

(12-inch disco single)

# NBD 20199 October 1979 Read More
Kiss Me In the Rain I Ain't Gonna Cry Tonight # 1-11179 December 1979 Read More
Song / Side A Song / Side B Catalog # Release Date Notes
Woman In Love Run Wild # 1-11364 August 1980 Read More
Guilty (duet with Barry Gibb) Life Story # 11-11390 October 1980 Read More
What Kind of Fool? (duet with Barry Gibb) The Love Inside # 11-11430 January 1981 Read More
Promises Make It Like A Memory # 11-02065 and # 43-02089 April-May 1981

Read More

Comin' In And Out of Your Life Lost Inside of You # 18-02621 November 1981 Read More
Memory Evergreen # 18-02717 February 1982 Read More
The Way He Makes Me Feel (studio version) The Way He Makes Me Feel (film version) # 38-04177 October 1983 Read More
Papa, Can You Hear Me? Will Someone Ever Look at Me That Way? # 38-04357 January 1984 Read More
Left in the Dark Here We Are At Last # 38-04605 September 1984 Read More
Make No Mistake, He's Mine (duet with Kim Carnes) Clear Sailing # 38-04695 November 1984 Read More
Emotion Here We Are At Last # 38-04707 February 1985 Read More
Emotion (12-inch) Emotion (Instrumental) # 44-05167 February 1985 Read More
Somewhere Not While I'm Around # 38-05680 November 1985 Read More
Send in the Clowns Being Alive # 38-05837 February 1986 Read More
The Main Event/Fight Promises # 44H-06920 September 1987 Read More
Till I Loved You (duet with Don Johnson) Two People # 38-08062 and CD3 single # 38K 08062 October 1988 Read More
All I Ask of You On My Way To You # 38-08026 December 1988 Read More
What Were We Thinking Of? Why Let It Go? # 38-68691 February 1989 Read More
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) {duet with Donna Summer} - [Hall of Fame single] Wet # 13-68710 March 1989 Read More
Woman in Love
[Hall of Fame single]
Run Wild # 13-68711 March 1989 Read More
We're Not Making Love Anymore Here We Are At Last # 38-73016 October 1989 Read More
Someone That I Used To Love   # CSK 73099 1989 Promotional CD Single
Tracks Catalog # Release Date Notes
  1. Places That Belong To You
  2. For All We Know
  3. Prince of Tides (Main Title)
  • # CSK 4257
  • # 657794-5
1992 Read More
For All We Know # CSK 4507 1992 Read More
  1. The Music Of The Night (duet with Michael Crawford) {edited version}
  2. The Music Of The Night (duet with Michael Crawford)
# CSK 5429 and # 659738-7 Summer 1993 Read More
  1. As If We Never Said Goodbye
  2. Guilty(duet with Barry Gibb)
  3. No More Tears (Enough is Enough) (duet with Donna Summer)
# 660357 2 Summer 1993 Read More
  1. Children Will Listen (spoken intro)
  2. Children Will Listen (album version)
# CSK 5288 1993 Read More
  1. With One Look
  2. Memory
  3. All I Ask Of You
# 659342-2 1993 Read More
Speak Low # CSK 5580 1993 Read More
  1. I've Got A Crush On You (duet with Frank Sinatra/Streisand)
  2. One For My Baby (duet with Sinatra/Kenny G)
# 8-81139-2
November 1993 Read More
  1. Ordinary Miracles
  2. Ordinary Miracles (Live Version)
# 38-77533 and # 44K 77534 May 1994 Read More
Evergreen (Live) # CSK 6602 1994 Promotional CD Single
  1. I Finally Found Someone (3:42)
  2. Let's Make A Night to Remember (6:19) [Bryan Adams]
  3. Evergreen (Spanish Version) (3:06) [Barbra Streisand]
# 38K 78480 November 1996 Read More
  1. Tell Him (Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion) - radio edit
  2. Everything Must Change (Barbra)
  3. Where Is The Love (Celine )
  • # 36-78737
  • # 665305-2
  • # BSK 3469
November 3, 1997 Read More
  1. If I Could
  2. At The Same Time
  3. I Believe (single version)
  4. Evergreen (French version)
# 665522-2 February 23, 1998

Read More

  1. I've Dreamed of You
  2. At the Same Time
# 38K 79211 June 22, 1999 Read More
  1. If You Ever Leave Me (Duet with Vince Gill)
  2. Just Because
  3. Let's Start Right Now
  4. At The Same Time
# 667801-2 September 13, 1999 Read More
Tracks Catalog # Release Date Notes
Come Rain Or Come Shine # CSK 16130 September 19, 2000 Read More
God Bless America # CSK 54832 October 30, 2001 U.S. Target stores included this exclusive promo-only bonus disc inside its Christmas Memories jewel case (Columbia #CK 86203) during Christmas 2001 and 2002. Barbra's previously unreleased "God Bless America" (by Irving Berlin) was recorded live at the Voices For Change '92 political fundraiser on September 16, 1992.
I Won't Be the One to Let Go # CSK 59450 January 6, 2003 Read More
Stranger in a Strange Land # CSK 17314 September 1, 2005 Read More
Night of My Life (12-inch vinyl single) # 44-80392 September 27, 2005 Read More
  1. Come Tomorrow (duet with Barry Gibb)
  2. Night of My Life (Love to Infinity Master Mix)
# 82876 771472 December 19, 2005 Read More
In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning digital single September 1, 2009 Read More
We Are the World 25 digital single February 12, 2010

Read More


Happy Days Are Here Again (Streisand's Debut 1962 Singles) MP3 album January 2013 Read More
Don't Lie to Me (Dave Audé Remix) digital single October 20, 2018 Debuted on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart November 24, 2018 at #46, then slowly climbed, reaching #8 on January 12, 2019, staying 11 weeks on this chart.



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