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Happy Days Are Here Again /
When The Sun Comes Out (#4-42631)

Before Columbia Records recorded an entire album of Streisand, they teamed her with producer Mike Berniker and conductor/arranger George Williams and released four Streisand songs as singles.

“Happy Days” and “When the Sun Comes Out” were paired for Barbra's first 7-inch single release (“Sun” was the b-side) in early November 1962. Columbia, not 100 percent behind their newly signed recording artist, only pressed 500 copies of Barbra's first single.

Because these were recorded first, they actually have different arrangements than the ones heard on The Barbra Streisand Album.

Happy Days

Produced by: Mike Berniker
Arranged & Conducted by: George Williams

Below: Columbia's copy and shipping instructions for the “Happy Days” single.

Label copy and shipping instructions for Happy Days Are Here Again

Streisand 1962

Hall of Fame Re-Issue

Columbia Records released “Happy Days” b/w “My Coloring Book” as a “Hall Of Fame” re-issue single (# 13-33078) in March 1965.

Happy Days Hall of Fame single


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