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Funny Girl / Absent Minded Me

Funny Girl (2:25) (B. Merrill, J. Styne)

Absent Minded Me (3:05) (B. Merrill, J. Styne)

Released August 1964

Funny Girl 7inch label

About the Single

“Funny Girl” was an up-tempo song supposedly written for and cut from the Broadway show Funny Girl (it is not the same tune which was written for the movie version of the show). It has never appeared on a Barbra Streisand album, although a stereo version was included on the Columbia Record Club album, The Headliners '65.

(Below: French EP 5919 featured these two songs, plus two more.)

Funny Girl French EP

“Funny Girl” Sheet music:

Funny Girl sheet music

“Funny Girl” Ad:

A Funny Girl single ad

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