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Free Again / I've Been Here
(# 4-43808)

Free Again (3:40) (R. Colby, M. Jourdan, A. Canfora, J. Baselli)

I've Been Here (2:31) (E. Shuman, M. Vaucaire, C. Dumont)

Released September 1966

Columbia labels:

Free Again 7inch label

About the Single

Columbia ad for Free Again

“Free Again” was the English-lyric version of “Non C'est Rien” with French lyrics by Michel Jourdan.

(Streisand also released her version of “Non C'est Rien” in March 1966 on the soundtrack album to her television special Color Me Barbra.)

Free Again sheet music Another Free Again sheet music

“I've Been Here” was written for French singer Edith Piaf by Charles Dumont and Michel Vaucaire. The song's original French lyrics (the song was titled“Le Mur,” or “The Wall”) were about the Berlin wall—roughly translated: “They built a large gray wall ... a wall of hate, a wall of fear...

The English lyrics changed the meaning of the song from the Berlin wall to a song of empowerment: “And so I live to have my say / To get and give each burning day / And if in time I find my love / He'll find that I'm no frightened dove ...”

(Barbra's French version of the song, “Le Mur,” was released, too, as the B-side on Columbia single # 4-43739.)

French Words for Streisand Disk (article about Eddie Barclay

(Above: A newspaper article about the album; a Netherlands picture sleeve.)

Dumont and Vaucaire reportedly deliberated long whether to give the song to Streisand (Piaf had died in 1963). This single was titled “I've Been Here” and its English lyrics are by E. Shuman.


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