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Streisand 1962

Above: A photo of Barbra Streisand at Columbia Records recording her first singles for the label.

Before Columbia Records recorded an entire album of Streisand, they teamed her with producer Mike Berniker and conductor/arranger George Williams. Together they recorded four songs on October 16, 1962 at Columbia's Studio C (207 East 30th Street) in New York.

October 16, 1962

Studio C, 207 East 30th Street

New York

Produced by: Mike Berniker
Arranged & Conducted by: George Williams

* Right As The Rain has never been released

Happy Days Are Here Again / When The Sun Comes Out (#4-42631)

“Happy Days” and “When the Sun Comes Out” were paired for Barbra's first 7-inch single release (“Sun” was the b-side) in early November 1962. Columbia, not 100 percent behind their newly signed recording artist, only pressed 500 copies of Barbra's first single.

Happy Days

Below: Label copy and shipping instructions for the “Happy Days” single.

Label copy and shipping instructions for Happy Days Are Here Again

My Coloring Book / Lover, Come Back To Me (#4-42648)

November 9, 1962

Studio C, 207 East 30th Street

New York

Marty Erlichman, Barbra's fearless manager, insisted that another 7-inch single be released as soon as possible.

Below: Scans of #4-42648 courtesy of Dave Bukwa

Coloring Book radio station single

In mid-November 1962, Columbia released Barbra's version of the Kander & Ebb song “My Coloring Book.” The b-side of that single was “Lover, Come Back to Me,” recorded back on October 16th. “Coloring Book” was arranged and conducted by Bob Mersey.

Coloring Book single

Kander and Ebb said they wrote “Coloring Book” for comedienne and cabaret star Kaye Ballard. Sandy Stewart ended up singing it on a Perry Como television show, and it became a big hit for her. George Chakiris (Bernardo in West Side Story film) also recorded it for Capitol Records; Kitty Kallen sang it, too.

It should be noted that all five tracks recorded in October and November 1962 featured different arrangements than what ultimately appeared on Barbra's first album. (Peter Matz did the album's arrangements).

Coloring Book ad

The 7-inch singles, pressed on vinyl, were commercially available in record stores but, to date, have not been released in digital form on a CD.

[Below: I'd love to have a scan of the original Columbia label since I am showing the radio station label above. If you have the orange label single and could scan it for me, please contact me:]

My Coloring Book 45rpm label

Hall of Fame Re-Issue

Columbia Records released “Happy Days” b/w “My Coloring Book” as a “Hall Of Fame” re-issue single (# 13-33078).

Happy Days Hall of Fame single


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