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I Finally Found Someone
(# 38K 78480)

I Finally Found Someone (3:42) (Barbra Streisand , Bryan Adams , Marvin Hamlisch , R.J. Lange)

Released November 1996

Finally Found Someone single CD

About the Single

The big single from Streisand's 1996 film, The Mirror Has Two Faces, was “I Finally Found Someone” which united rocker Bryan Adams and Streisand. Columbia released the single as a 3-track CD (# 38K 78480).

The song debuted on Billboard's Hot 100 chart at No. 28.

The CD-single contained the theme song from the film, plus two other songs (one by Bryan Adams and the other by Streisand). This was the first time “Evergreen (Spanish Version)” appeared on CD.

  1. I Finally Found Someone (3:42)
  2. Let's Make A Night to Remember (6:19) [Bryan Adams]
  3. Evergreen (Spanish Version) (3:06) [Barbra Streisand]

Barbra told the Los Angeles Times, in 1996: “I wrote the love theme, the main love theme, then Marvin wrote a bridge to it, and that was going to be our song. Then David Foster had the idea that I should sing the duet with Bryan Adams. Bryan played our track and heard me humming and fell in love with this little theme that I wrote, and then he and his producer Mutt Lange wrote a counter melody based on the track that I sent him. And they wrote the lyrics. So that's how that happened. I don't think his record company wanted him to sing with me...because I'm more traditional, and I haven't had a hit since I don't know when.”

Billboard Charts

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