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I've Dreamed of You / At The Same Time (#38K 79211)

I've Dreamed of You (4:45) (Rolf Lovland & Ann Hampton Callaway)

At The Same Time (4:16) (Ann Hampton Callaway)

Released June 22, 1999

I've Dreamed of You CD cover

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About the Single

Text below is by Mark Iskowitz from his “Barbra Streisand Music Guide” website. Reprinted here with Mark's permission ...

The track is produced by Barbra and arranged by William Ross. Reflecting on the song, Barbra writes, “Love is what life is all about. I hope this song inspires your own loving spirit.”

A second song, Higher Ground's “At The Same Time,” also written by Callaway, accompanies “I've Dreamed Of You” on the two-track disc. The cover's beautiful sunset background (see image above) continues on the back of the jewelbox. Tower Records, the first online store to accept advance orders, pleased customers by delivering the single a day early in many cases. A one-track promo CD (#CSK 42424) was serviced to radio stations during the week of June 14, and airplay has been noted on several adult contemporary stations. Retailers have access to streamers and counter bins to merchandise the single in stores. Expect to see the single in some, but not all, international markets. It was released in Canada on June 29, charting immediately at #12, and in Australia on July 19. A full-page color advertisement appears in the June 26 Canadian TV Guide. Columbia Records Online presents a WAV format and RealAudio song excerpt from the second half of the third verse.

The single debuted at #29 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Sales chart dated July 10, based on first release week sales, remained at #29 the second week (7/17 chart), and rose to #24 the third week (7/24). Analyst Silvio Pietroluongo writes, “'You' matches the debut position of Streisand's last single, 'I Finally Found Someone,' her duet with Bryan Adams. Although the debut positions are the same, the total units scanned in the first weeks of release of these two titles were significantly different. While 'Someone' moved 23,000 pieces the week of Nov. 23rd, 1996, 'You' scans 9500 this issue.” He believes that “Someone” made a stronger debut, because it was available on both cassette and CD single, while “You” is only available on CD. Also, he points out that The Mirror Has Two Faces and Bryan Adams' star power were additional selling points for “Someone,” besides its being released during the holiday season. To date, “I've Dreamed Of You” has been added to 30+ AC stations and should be appearing on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart soon. The magazine published a glowing review of the song in its July 10 issue.

On June 10, 1999 The Rosie O'Donnell Show surprised many viewers (except those Streisand fans with advance word) with a world premiere sneak preview of Barbra's “I've Dreamed of You,” playing three different song excerpts, distributing advance copies of the single to her audience, and reminding everyone of the June 22 release date. During the four-minute segment, O'Donnell admitted tearing up even after 27 previous listens to Barbra's newest song. Coincidence or not, Barbra's Owl And The Pussycat and Mirror Has Two Faces co-star, George Segal, was Rosie's first guest following the world premiere. That evening, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood reported on the big event. The next night, ET played its own brief excerpt from the song's opening lyrics, which Rosie had not used, and interviewed the song's thrilled composer.

Streisand's richly yet delicately orchestrated “I've Dreamed Of You,” which runs almost five minutes, began as a beautifully delicate, three-minute piano and violin instrumental called “Heartstrings,” composed by Rolf Lovland and included on his group Secret Garden's 1995 Songs From A Secret Garden album. Before her wedding, Barbra asked Ann Hampton Callaway to write lyrics to this lovely music for an upcoming album project. Callaway explains, “The Sunday before Barbra got married, I got inspired to turn it into a wedding song. I knew that sometime this year she and James were planning to tie the knot, so I decided to tell the story from Barbra's perspective. When I faxed the lyric to Barbra's producer that evening, he was very happy with it, and, after a few minor changes, sent it to Barbra. Monday, I learned that Barbra loved the song and that she wanted me to record a demo and send it immediately. Tuesday, I recorded the demo and overnighted it to Barbra's assistant. Apparently, three hours before the wedding, she heard the demo and decided to sing the song along with a song she has already planned to perform by Melissa Manchester and Tom Snow. It was my playing and Irwin Fisch's string arrangement that accompanied Barbra as she sang 'I've Dreamed Of You' to James Brolin. It's a revelation to me how in love Barbra must be to have the courage to be so spontaneous on such a momentous occasion. A friend of mine who spoke to Marvin Hamlisch was told it was an absolutely stunning moment.”

The cover of the CD single features an outtake from the album cover photo session by Albert Tolot.

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