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The Best Thing You've Ever Done /
Summer Me, Winter Me

The Best Thing You've Ever Done (2:49) (M. Charnin)

Summer Me, Winter Me (2:55) (M. Legrand, A. Bergman, M. Bergman)

Released April 1970

Labels for Streisand single 45147

* Credit: Thank you Peter Curl for the scan of the labels

About the Single

Brazil picture sleeve

(Above: Brazil picture sleeve)

Charnin told writer James Kimbrell how “The Best Thing” came to be written: “I was in New York and I ran into Herb Ross who was directing The Owl and the Pussycat at the time,” Charnin said. “He asked me if I'd be interested in writing a song for Barbra to sing in the film when the characters separate. I told him I'd like to see the roughcut of the film first, but that I was interested. I wrote the song, sent it to Barbra's people and that was it. Later, when the film was released, all the music was done by Blood, Sweat and Tears, so I though my song was just dropped. Barbra, though, liked the song and it ended up on one of her albums three years later.”

Of note about this Streisand single: “Best Thing” contains a different vocal section at the ending than what was subsequently released on The Way We Were album track. You can hear it below ...

(Below: A look at “The Best Thing” sheet music)

Best Thing You've Ever Done sheet music

(Below: Portugal picture sleeve.)

Portugal picture sleeve


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