Bootleg Barbra

by Matt Howe,

photo of Barbra Streisand from 2005


Song/Performance Venue Date Notes
Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart Nola Recording Studios 1955  
RCA Records Demo   1962 March

Side A: 1. A Sleepin' Bee 2. Have I Stayed Too Long at the Fair 3. When the Sun Comes Out 4. A Taste of Honey 5. At the Codfish Ball (take 1) 6. At the Codfish Ball (take 2)

Side B: 1. Lover, Come Back to Me (take 1) 2. Lover, Come Back to Me (take 2) 3. Bewitched 4. I Had Myself a True Love 5. Soon It's Gonna Rain

Live at the Bon Soir nightclub, New York 1962 2 shows, Includes "Napoleon".
“Have I Stayed Too Long at the Fair?" Piano rehearsal 1961 or 1962 A recording of Peter Howard (dance and incidental music arranger for "I Can Get It for You Wholesale") playing piano for Streisand as she sings the song. Howard and Streisand struggle for the correct chord at the bridge (“Oh, Daddy dear...”).
hungry i shows hungry i, San Francisco 1963 More info here >>
When The Sun Comes Out Live at BASIN STREET EAST 1963  
“Soon It's Gonna Rain” and “A Taste of Honey” Keefe Brasselle Show June 25, 1963  
The Tonight Show Interviews Johnny Carson Tonight Show 1963 dialogue and songs from 3 appearances with Johnny Carson.  9 tracks. Approx. 35 mins. long.
People, open-ended interview   1964 More info here >>
Cornet Man Funny Girl, Mono Broadway Cast Album, 1964 alternate mono version
Final Performance of FUNNY GIRL Winter Garden Theatre, New York 1965 Complete Dialogue and music from Streisand's final show, including “My Man” and “Auld Lang Syne” after bows.
Chemstrand Commercial to Promote MY NAME IS BARBRA   1965  

I Gave My Love An Apple, Why Try To Change Me Now, Second Hand Rose, Summertime

Streisand Family Recording 1965 In 2010, Roslyn Kind appeared on the Canadian TV show Unscripted, and remembered the home recording: “There was a time that my sister, my mother, and I had a tape recorder. My sister moved awayfrom home, and we were visiting her in Manhattan. And so we were all singing on this tape recorder. And my mother was singing, and she could never remember the lyrics. So I'm laughing in the background, and my sister goes, Roslyn stop laughing at your mother! Then I would start singing songs from public school like I've got six pence, jolly, jolly six pence...So we had a fun afternoon singing.”
Christmas Seals Campaign   1965  
“A Very Informal History of the American Musical Theater: 1926—1966” U.S. Embassy, London June 12, 1966 More info here >>
An Evening With Barbra Streisand Live from Newport, RI & Philadelphia, PA July 30, 1966 and August 2, 1966  
“Les enfants qui pleurent” + “ Et la mer” + “Look” (single) French EP + 7-inch single 1966 French songs
Belle of 14th Street Demo Recordings 1967 John Bubbles songs: I’m Going South and Mammy O' Mine / Liebestraum/ Mother Machree / Orchestra chords / Put Your Arms Around Me Honey: Take 1 / Orchestral interlude / The Tempest (incental music; voice of Jason Robards; Barbra singing Shakespeare passage / Put Your Arms Around Me Honey: Take 2.
“More Than You Know” & “All the Things You Are” Central Park 1967 Cut songs from A HAPPENING IN CENTRAL PARK
“Marty the Martian” / “Natural Sounds” Hollywood Bowl Concert July 9, 1967  
Funny Girl open-ended interview   1968  
Funny Girl movie outtakes   1968 Pink Velvet Jail (O. Sharif) / People (alternate) / Sadie, Sadie (alternate)
Broadway For Peace + Eugene McCarthy Benefit   1968  
AN EVENING JOHN LINDSAY Felt Forum, New York 1969 Parade; People; On A Clear Day


Song/Performance Venue Date Notes
Bella Abzug concert Madison Square Garden 1970 Somebody Come & Play; Never Been A Woman Before; Parade; People; Let Me Go
“Best Thing You've Ever Done” recording session   1970 recording with trio; headset problems
Live, 52-minute show Riviera, Las Vegas 1970  
Live, 70-minute show Hilton, Las Vegas 1971  
“Since I Fell For You” + “You've Got A Friend” recording session Several takes of each song 1971  
“Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen” Classical Barbra outtake 1973 serious version, not comedic like on Barbra Streisand & Other Musical Instruments
“Mother and Child”, “Once You've Been In Love”, “The Smile I Never Smiled”, “Between Yesterday and Tomorrow”   1973 several takes of these songs, some which were from the planned Life Cycle of a Woman project
“You Light Up My Life”, “Funky Type Thang”, “On Broadway”, “Everything Must Change”, “I Won't Last A Day Without You”, “Crying Time” Butterfly rehearsals 1973 rehearsal tapes of Streisand doing early run-thrus of these songs.
“The Way We Were / Weren't” recording sessions   1973 Streisand runs through both versions of Hamlisch's song; Hamlisch on piano.
ACLU Ellsberg Concert Jennings Lang's home 1973 1)People 2)You're the top 3)In the wee small hours of the morning 4)Marvin Hamlisch does Johnny Mathis 5)Long ago and far away 6)Someone to watch over me 7)Time after time 8)I'll get by 9)I don't know where I stand
Stoney End, Barbra Joan Streisand, Funny Lady, Butterfly QUADRAPHONIC albums 1971-1974 Alternate takes, mixes
“How Lucky Can You Get” Funny Lady 1974 Soundtrack Memories version
“All My Life On The Stage” Funny Lady 1974 cut song
“Am I Blue” Funny Lady 1974 entire song, with "Eric" monologue and "Love For Sale" ending
“Better”   1975 Unreleased track of Ed Kleban song
“Evergreen” and “Woman in the Moon” rehearsals A Star is Born 1976 several takes of earlier versions of these songs
“Superman” Superman 1978 alternate vocal a capella/without orchestra
“Niagara” Wet 1979 demo
“No More Tears” sessions Wet 1979 Various takes, demos with Streisand, Sommer, and writers Jabara & Roberts
“The Main Event” recording session The Main Event 1979 20:58 of Streisand doing various takes of the disco theme song

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Song/Performance Venue Date Notes
A Tribute to Alan and Marilyn Bergman For the Benefit of the ACLU Foundation of Southern California Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, L.A. June 1, 1980

complete show.

Read more here >>

YENTL Demo Recordings   1981 Where is it Written? / Papa, Can You Hear Me?/ The Way He Makes Me Feel / Several Sins a Day/ No Wonder / Tomorrow Night / Tomorrow Night (reprise) / Will Someone Ever Look at Me That Way? / The Moon and I / A Piece of Sky
YENTL Alternate Tracks   1981 From the recording studio, different takes and arrangements of: The Way He Makes Me Feel; Papa, Can You Hear Me?; Where is it Written?; No Wonder; This is One of Those Moments; Piece of Sky
  • “When The Lovin' Goes Out of The Lovin”
  • “How Do You Keep The Music Playing?” (Recording Session)
  1983 From the Emotion sessions ...
  • Send In The Clowns (Alternate)
  • Shall We Dance?/Hello, Young Lovers/I Have Dreamed/We Kiss In A Shadow/Something Wonderful
  • Home
  1985 From The Broadway Album sessions ...
  • You'll Never Know (Duet) (Alternate)
  • How Are Things In Glocca Morra?/The Heather On The Hill
  • On My Own
  • Make Our Garden Grow
  • A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Love
  • Moonfall
  • All I Ask Of You (Alternate)
  • Warm All Over

unreleased Back to Broadway sessions with Rupert Holmes ...

Read more about these >>


Song/Performance Venue Date Notes
  • “Somewhere” (alternate lyrics)
  • “One Day”
The Earth Day Special April 1990

Barbra's two songs from the 1990 Earth Day Special.

APLA COMMITMENT TO LIFE VI (November 18,1992) Universal Amphitheater Los Angeles, CA November 18, 1992
  • I Have A Love/One Hand One Heart (with Johnny Mathis)
  • Speech—Warren Beaty
  • Acceptance Speech—Barbra
  • Somewhere
Move On New York 1993 Rehearsal session with Stephen Sondheim
Children Will Listen   1993 Recording studio session; several takes
  • Las Vegas (December 31, 1993 & Jan. 1, 1994)
  • Wembley Arena, London (April 1994)
  • Detroit (May 15, 1994)
  • Madison Square Garden, New York (June 26, June 30, July 10, July 12, 1994)
  • Anaheim (July 24, 1994)
  Anaheim: Vocal re-takes at the end, including “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?”
It Doesn't Get Better Than This Mirror Has Two Faces screening 1996 Alternate title song by Streisand, Bryan Adams, Hamlisch and the Bergmans; bootleg is "live" with audience reactions at an early screening of the film.
  • The Way We Were (with new lyrics)
  • Higher Ground
  • Somewhere
  • At the Same Time
  • Hillary Clinton
  • President Clinton
  • God Bless America


Song/Performance Venue Date Notes
Timeless Las Vegas; Sydney & Melbourne (Australia); Los Angeles; New York

Dec. 31, 1999; March 10, 2000; March 15, 2000; March 17, 2000; Sept. 21, 2000; Sept. 28, 2000



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