I Can Get It For You Wholesale (1962)

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Below: The Wholesale remastered CD from 1993.

Wholesale Remastered CD


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  1. Overture [1:27]
  2. I'm Not A Well Man [2:21] (Kruschen, Streisand) *
  3. The Way Things Are [1:41] (Gould)
  4. When Gemini Meets Capricorn [2:48] (Cooper, Gould)
  5. Momma, Momma, Momma [2:57] (Gould, Roth)
  6. The Sound Of Money [4:15] (North, Gould, Monte, Reilly, Verso)
  7. Too Soon [3:05] (Roth)
  8. The Family Way [3:08] (Roth, Gould, Cooper, Lang, Linn, LeRoy)
  9. Who Knows? [3:41] (Cooper)
  10. Ballad Of The Garment Trade [3:25] (Streisand, Cooper, Linn, Gould, Lang, LeRoy & Chorus) *
  11. Have I Told You Lately? [3:10] (LeRoy, Linn)
  12. A Gift Today [3:55] (Gould, Roth, LeRoy, Cooper & Chorus)
  13. Miss Marmelstein [3:22] (Streisand) *
  14. A Funny Thing Happened [2:38] (Cooper, Gould)
  15. What's In It For Me? [1:57] (Lang)
  16. Eat A Little Something [2:10] (Roth)
  17. What Are They Doing To Us? [7:11] (Streisand, Brown, Hickman, Turner, Lisa, Curley, Bond) *

* Streisand vocals

Miss Marmelstein: Barbra Streisand
Maurice Pulvermacher: Jack Kruschen
Harry Bogen: Elliott Gould
Tootsie Maltz: James Hickman
Ruthie Rivkin: Marilyn Cooper
Mrs. Bogen: Lillian Roth
Martha Mills: Sheree North
Meyer Bushkin: Ken Le Roy
Teddy Asch: Harold Lang
Blanche Bushkin: Bambi Linn
Sheldon Bushkin: Steve Curry
Mitzi: Barbara Monte
Mario: William Reilly
Eddie: Edward Verso

About the Album

Streisand and Goddard Lieberson

(Photo, right: Streisand, in the Columbia Records recording studio, goes over the music to her solo number, “Miss Marmelstein,” with Columbia's president Goddard Lieberson, there to supervise the cast recording.)

I Can Get It For You Wholesale is the first commercially released recording that Barbra Streisand appeared on! At the time Wholesale was recorded, Streisand had yet to be signed to a major record label. (On October 1, 1962 she signed with Columbia Records ... and has been with them ever since!)

According to Gary Marmorstein, in his book The Label, The Story of Columbia Records:

Columbia badly wanted Harold Rome's “I Can Get It For You Wholesale.” As an inducement to Rome, [Goddard] Lieberson offered to record the twenty-fifth anniversary version of his International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union show “Pins and Needles” ...

[Note: Streisand, by the way, also appeared on Rome's recording of Pins and Needles. Barbra-Archives' page on that album is here.]

The cast of I Can Get It For You Wholesale assembled at Columbia Record's Thirtieth Street studio on April 1, 1962 to record the cast album, to be released by Columbia. Goddard Lieberson, president of Columbia Records, was present at the session.

Below: Gould and Roth record “Momma, Momma, Momma” ... Streisand records “Miss Marmelstein”

Recording Wholesale

I Can Get It For You Wholesale was restored and remastered on CD in October 1993 and part of Columbia Records' 11 Essential Barbra Streisand Releases. The master tapes were prepared for release by John Arrias (who put together the masters for Just For The Record). Columbia also recreated the packages using the original art or printing film. According to Columbia's publicity:

“The objective with each album was to restore the tapes to the quality of the original master recording. To do this in some cases, 30 years of noise had to be eliminated. John used his proprietary C.A.P. Noise Reduction System to eliminate hiss, distortion and noise. In each case great care was taken to maintain the integrity of the original albums.”

(Below: Harold Rome—music & lyrics—and David Merrick—producer—during the recording of the “I Can Get It For You Wholesale” cast album at Columbia Records.)

Harold Rome and David Merrick in recording studio

(Below Top: Streisand—left—and cast in Columbia's 30th Street Studio recording the album. Below Bottom: Streisand, in the control booth, sits on musical director Lehman Engel's lap, listening to playback of her number.)

Cast recording album

Billboard Charts

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Here's the numbers for this Streisand album:

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