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  1. Being Good Isn’t Good Enough [3:33] [from Hallelujah, Baby!]
    (Betty Comden, Adolph Green, Jule Styne)
  2. Didn’t We [2:39] (J. Webb)
  3. Willow Weep For Me [3:33] (A. Ronell)
  4. Try To Win A Friend [4:09] (L. Gatlin)
  5. I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today [3:29] (R. Newman)
  6. With One More Look At You [3:42] [from A Star Is Born] (P. Williams / K. Ascher)
  7. Lost In Wonderland [3:36] (Marshall Barer / Antonio Carlos Jobim)
  8. How Are Things in Glocca Morra? [4:37] [from Finian’s Rainbow]/Heather On The Hill [from Brigadoon] (B. Lane, E.Y. Harburg / A. Lerner, F. Lowe)
  9. Mother And Child [5:06] (A. & M. Bergman / M. Legrand)
  10. If It’s Meant To Be [4:11] (A. & M. Bergman / B. Byrne)
  11. Home [3:37] [from The Wiz] (C. Smalls)

Individual track credits:

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1. Being Good Isn’t Good Enough

Written by: Jule Styne / Betty Comden / Adolph Green

Produced by Barbra Streisand & Peter Matz

Arranged by Peter Matz

Orchestrated by Sid Ramin

Recorded: August 1985

Outtake from: The Broadway Album

2. Didn't We

Written by: Jimmy Webb

Produced by: Wally Gold

Arranged by: Claus Ogerman

Recorded: March 1970

Outtake from: The Singer

3. Willow Weep For Me

Written by: Ann Ronell

Produced by: Jack Gold & Howard A. Roberts

Arranged by: Ray Ellis

Recorded: March 1967

Outtake from: Simply Streisand

4. Try To Win A Friend

Written by: Larry Gatlin

Produced by: Gary Klein

Additional Production: Fred Mollin, Recorded May 2012

Piano: Paul Franklin

Pedal Steel: John Hobbs

Background Vocals: Jaime Babbitt

Originally Recorded: April 1977

Outtake from: Streisand Superman


5. I Think It's Going To Rain Today

Written by: Randy Newman

Produced by: Richard Perry

Piano: Randy Newman

Recorded: September 1970

Outtake from: Stoney End


6. With One More Look At You

Written by: Paul Williams / Kenneth Ascher

Produced by: Gary Klein

Recorded: February 1977

Outtake from: A Star is Born

7. Lost in Wonderland

Written by: Antonio Carlos Jobim / Marshall Barer

Produced by: Jack Gold

Arranged by: Peter Matz

Recorded: April 1968

8. How Are Things in Glocca Morra? / Heather on the Hill

Written by: Burton Lane / E.Y. “Yip” Harburg + Alan Jay Lerner / Frederick Loewe

Produced & Arranged by: Rupert Holmes

Recorded: April 1988

Outtake from: Back To Broadway (Rupert Holmes session)

9. Mother and Child

Written by: Michel Legrand / Alan Bergman / Marilyn Bergman

Produced by: Barbra Streisand

Arranged by: Michel Legrand

Recorded: April 1973

Outtake from: Life Cycle of A Woman


10. If It's Meant To Be

Written by: Brian Byrne / Alan Bergman / Marilyn Bergman

Produced by: Barbra Streisand

Arranged by: Brian Byrne

Recorded: August 2011

Outtake from: What Matters Most—Barbra Streisand Sings The Lyrics of Alan And Marilyn Bergman

11. Home

Written by: Charles Smalls

Produced by: Barbra Streisand

Recorded: August 1985

Additional Recording: May 2012

Piano: Randy Waldman

Bass: Neil Stubenhaus

Drums: J.R. Robinson

Outtake from: The Broadway Album


About the Album

Streisand as she appears in the RELEASE ME Electronic Press Kit

(Above: Streisand as she appears in the Release Me electronic press kit.)

Release Me's striking cover was created by graphic designer Kristin Lum. “I worked with Barbra directly to interpret her vision for Release Me,” Lum said. “After many hours on the phone with her and searches through her image archives, I created this package with a classic, timeless look and feel.”

Composer Brian Byrne told The Irish Times how he came to work with Barbra Streisand on “If It's Meant To Be”—the newest song on this collection of unreleased material.

“I was 26, living in the Meath Gaeltacht,” he explained, “and met a guy living nearby – Tom Petty’s road manager – who offered to help me when I told him I was an aspiring film composer. He put me in touch with a man in the music business in LA who said ‘I can help you if you move here’. So I sold my car and went. Within the first couple of months, this man introduced me to Marilyn and Alan Bergman, who are U.S. songwriting royalty – they were like my grandparents, took me under their wing. That’s how a melody I wrote, with lyrics by the Bergmans – If It’s Meant to Be – ended up on Barbra Streisand’s recent album, Release Me. I recorded it live with her, conducted the orchestra. This was happening in the same three weeks as I was working on [the film soundtrack to] Albert Nobbs and the song ‘Lay Your Head Down’, and doing arrangements for Katy Perry. Glenn Close and Streisand have really opened doors for me.”

Streisand said that she only had ten minutes of studio time to record Byrne's song. “I had to change some of the orchestration at the moment ... it was panic time. But I liked it. It was left off of What Matters Most because we had enough. And I thought it would be interesting for people to hear something that was left off in 2011 since everything else [on Release Me] is so much older. ‘If It's Meant to Be’ sounds like it comes from a stage play. I can feel the theatricality in it. It would be very good in a musical on stage.”

“We recorded the orchestra and we sent the orchestra home,” Brian Byrne told RTÉ TEN. “And as an option I worked with her for three hours on the piano.”

Larry Gatlin and Streisand

The Larry Gatlin song, “Try To Win A Friend,” was recorded April 1977 for the Superman album (1978) but put aside for over thirty years until Barbra included it on Release Me (2012).

(Photo, right: Larry Gatlin said hello to Barbra Streisand back stage during her 2012 concert tour.)

“Many years ago,” Larry Gatlin said, “Roger Miller took me over to a ladies’ house. When we got over there she was sitting in her living room playing a guitar and trying to learn how to play one of my songs that she wanted to record. She recorded the song.  She was so sweet that night, I taught her the song.”

For Release Me, Barbra and Jay Landers sent the master recording to Nashville producer Fred Mollin who added John Hobbs on pedal steel guitar, Paul Franklin on piano, and Jaime Babbitt providing background vocals.

Columbia Records released an official lyric video of “I Think It's Going to Rain Today.”

Below: The front and back covers of the Release Me vinyl LP

Release Me album on vinyl

“Release Me: Inside the Vault” DVD Credits

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Album Cover

Makeup artist Collier Strong posted this behind-the-scenes photo of himself working on Barbra Streisand's makeup for the cover photo shoot, which was photographed by Firooz Zahedi.

Collier Strong makes up Barbra Streisand


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