Barbra Streisand ... and Other Musical Instruments (1973)

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Album scans by Kevin Schlenker

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(Below: Picture of the original gatefold album with track listing and liner notes.)

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  1. Piano Practicing [2:27]
    (L. Okun)
  2. I Got Rhythm [1:24]
    (I. Gershwin / G. Gershwin)
  3. Johnny One Note/One Note Samba [3:40]
    ("Johnny..." - L. Hart / R. Rodgers; "One..." - A.C. Jobim / N. Mendonca / J. Hendricks)
  4. Glad To Be Unhappy [2:43]
    (L. Hart / R. Rodgers)
  5. People [1:51]
    (B. Merrill / J. Styne)
  6. Second Hand Rose [0:16]
    (G. Clarke / J.F. Hanley)
  7. Don't Rain On My Parade [3:41]
    (B. Merrill / J. Styne)
  8. Don't Ever Leave Me [0:41]
    (O. Hammerstein II / J. Kern)
  9. Monologue (Dialogue) [0:46]
  10. By Myself [1:54]
    (H. Dietz / A. Schwartz)
  11. Come Back To Me [1:38]
    (A.J. Lerner / B. Lane)
  12. I Never Has Seen Snow [5:07]
    (T. Capote / H. Arlen)
  13. Lied: Auf Dem Wasser Zu Singen [1:32]
    (F. Schubert)
  14. The World Is A Concerto/Make Your Own Kind Of Music [4:02]
    ("World..." - K. Welch / M. Welch; "Make..." - B. Mann / C. Weil)
  15. The Sweetest Sounds [2:55]
    (R. Rodgers)

About the Album

UK version of album

Lan O'Kun wrote the original lyrics to “Piano Practicing.” O'Kun had written special material for Streisand in the past: “The Minute Waltz” (Color Me Barbra); “The Best Gift” (Christmas Album) and the gorgeous “Natural Sounds” (Happening in Central Park).

Digitally remastered for compact disc by Joe Gastwirt in 1989, this CD has not been reissued by Sony since its first pressing — nearly 20 years ago. Although the DVD of the special was finally released in 2005, it would be nice if Sony reissued this CD with the studio version of “Sing/Make Your Own Kind of Music” and the Ray Charles songs which were not included on the original album.

However, the CD booklet does a good job of reproducing Mort Goode's liner notes, as well as the photo from the inside of the gatefold album.

The UK version of the original vinyl LP(CBS S69052) had a yellow title on the front cover.

Behind the scenes photo of album cover

Billboard Charts

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Here's the numbers for this Streisand album:

Gold: 500,000 units shipped

Platinum: 1 million units shipped

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