The Normal Heart (The Broadway Benefit Reading) [1994]

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Tracks: Disc One

  1. Introduction (Barbra Streisand)
  2. Scene 1: The office of Dr. Emma Brookner (July, 1981)
  3. Scene 2: Felix's desk at the New York Times (September, 1981)
  4. Scene 3: Ben's law office (October, 1981)
  5. Scene 4: Ned's apartment (November, 1981)
  6. Scene 5: Ned's apartment (March, 1982)
  7. Scene 6: Ben's law office (May, 1982)
  8. Scene 7: Ned's apartment (October, 1982)

Tracks: Disc Two

  1. Scene 8: Emma's apartment (October, 1982)
  2. Scene 9: A meeting room in City Hall (October, 1982)
  3. Scene 10: Emma's office (October, 1982)
  4. Scene 11: The organization's old office (February, 1983)
  5. Scene 12: Emma and the Examining Doctor
  6. Scene 13: The organization's new offices-to-be (April, 1983)
  7. Scene 14: Ned's apartment
  8. Scene 15: Ben's law office (May, 1984)
  9. Scene 16: Felix's hospital room (May, 1984)

About the CD

From the CD notes:

THE NORMAL HEART, Larry Kramer's explosive drama of the early years of the AIDS epidemic, first opened to thunderous critical acclaim at New York City's Public Theater in April, 1985. Eight years later, as the plague raged on, a group of the stage's most celebrated talents joined forces in a benefit reading of the play to raise money and awareness in the ongoing fight against AIDS. Their performance is now Broadway legend—a one-night-only union of hearts and voices raised in anguish, anger and love that electrified the standing-room-only audience and confirmed once more the fiery brilliance of Kramer's landmark play.

This special presentation of the Broadway Benefit Reading of THE NORMAL HEART captures this legendary night of theater forever. From the urgent poignancy of Barbra Streisand's opening remarks, to the incendiary performances of veteran director Jerry Zaks' superb cast, to the spontaneous outpouring of emotion at the final curtain, this is audio drama at its most powerful—an inspiring tribute to the power of theater, and a definitive and profoundly moving performance of one of the most important plays of our time.


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Kevin Bacon ... Craig Donner, Hiram Keebler, Examining Doctor

John Turturro ... Mickey Marcus

Eric Bogosian ... Ned Weeks

Kevin Geer ... David, Grady

Stockard Channing ... Dr. Emma Brookner

Harry Hamlin ... Bruce Niles

D.W. Moffett ... Felix Turner

Tony Roberts ... Ben Weeks

David Drake ... Tommy Boatwright

Jonathan Hadary ... Stage Directions

Directed by: Jerry Zaks

Listen to Barbra Streisand's introduction to the reading:

Photos from April 18, 1993 Show

Photos from the final curtain call when Streisand (weeping) joined author Larry Kramer on stage at the Roundabout Theater.

(Below, left to right: Eric Bogosian, Kramer, Streisand, D.W. Moffett, and Kevin Bacon.)

the cast of the Normal Heart reading

(Photos below by Ron Galella and Anthony Savignano)

Larry Kramer and Streisand


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