My Name is Barbra, Two... (1965)

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My Name is Barbra Two cover

Album scans by Kevin Schlenker

LP Back cover

Below: The Remastered CD, front and back cover.



Ad for album
  1. He Touched Me (from "Drat! The Cat!") [3:10] *
    (I. Levin / M. Schafer)
  2. The Shadow Of Your Smile (Love Theme from "The Sandpiper") [2:45] *
    (P.F. Webster / J. Mandel)
  3. Quiet Night [2:25]
    (L. Hart / R. Rodgers)
  4. I Got Plenty Of Nothin' [3:08]
    (I. Gershwin / D. Heyward / G. Gershwin)
  5. How Much Of The Dream Comes True [3:05] *
    (J. Barry / T. Peacock)
  6. Second Hand Rose [2:09]
    (G. Clarke / J.F. Hanley)
  7. The Kind Of Man A Woman Needs (From "The Yearling") [3:53] *
    (M. Leonard / H. Martin)
  8. All That I Want [3:48]
    (N. Wolfe / F. Forest)
  9. Where's That Rainbow? [3:39]
    (L. Hart / R. Rodgers)
  10. No More Songs For Me [2:53] *
    (R. Maltby, Jr. / D. Shire)
  11. Medley: [5:43]
    • Second Hand Rose
      (G. Clarke / J.F. Hanley)
    • Give Me The Simple Life
      (H. Ruby / R. Bloom)
    • I Got Plenty Of Nothin'
      (I. Gershwin / D. Heyward / G. Gershwin)
    • Brother Can You Spare A Dime?
      (E.Y. Harburg / J. Gorney)
    • Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
      (J. Cox)
    • Second Hand Rose
      (G. Clarke / J.F. Hanley)
    • The Best Things In Life Are Free
      (B.G. DeSylva / L. Brown / R. Henderson)

* Arranged and Conducted by Don Costa

About the Album

Barbra in studio with Costa and Mersey

(Photo above: Streisand in Columbia recording Studio A with Don Costa [dark shirt] conducting, and producer Bob Mersey [white shirt] overseeing the session.)

The first My Name is Barbra soundtrack album was released May 1965. My Name Is Barbra, Two..., its sequel, was released October 1965 to coincide with the rebroadcast of the special on CBS.

Drat opening

This soundtrack album, however, contained mostly songs which were not utilized on the TV special—only “I Got Plenty Of Nothin',” “Second Hand Rose,” and the “Poverty Medley” which closes the album were sung by Streisand on the special.

(Photo, right): Streisand, Gould, and Warren at opening night of Drat! The Cat!

Barbra recorded “He Touched Me” and “I Like Him” in August 1965 at Columbia's Studio A on 7th Avenue in New York. Her husband, Elliott Gould, was starring in the Broadway production of Drat! The Cat!, a musical with music by Milton Schafer and lyrics by Ira Levin. Both songs were from the show. Only “He Touched Me” ended up on this album, although both songs were released as a single (Columbia #4-43403) in September 1965. Elliott Gould sang “She Touched Me” in the show. His costar, Lesley Ann Warren, sang “I Like Him.”

“How Much of the Dream Comes True” was written by film composer John Barry, with lyrics by Trevor Peacock. It was from their West End musical, Passion Flower Hotel, about a young girl attending an English girls' boarding school. The girls decide to lose their virginity by luring the boys from the school from across the lake. (The play took a light approach to losing their virginity!) The show opened at the Palace Theatre, Manchester, England on July 30, 1965 and transferred to the Prince of Wales Theatre, London, on August 24, 1965. (Streisand performed Funny Girl at the Prince of Wales in March 1966.) Besides having London in common with John Barry at the time, Streisand's manager, Marty Erlichman, also began representing Barry in 1965.

(Below: A Columbia Records ad publicizing “Passion Flower Hotel” and Streisand's recording of one of its tunes.)

Ad for Streisand single 'How Much Of A Dream Comes True'

(Below: Don Costa and Streisand run down a chart in Studio A, 1965.)

Costa and Streisand


Shire plays piano

Songwriting team David Shire and Richard Maltby contributed “No More Songs For Me” to My Name is Barbra, Two. Although included on Barbra’s TV show “sequel album,” the song itself was not performed on the show. Shire was the pit pianist for Funny Girl on Broadway, and served as Barbra's accompanist.

(Some Streisand/Shire Trivia: You can see Shire playing piano in The Belle of 14th Street concert segment).

Streisand has also recorded other Maltby/Shire songs: “Autumn”, “Starting Here, Starting Now,” “The Morning After” and “What About Today?”

Piano For Barbra

Composer Neil Wolfe wrote “All That I Want”; The song was originally recorded by Wolfe as a 45-rpm single for Columbia, titled “Barbra.” Later, Francine Forest wrote lyrics to the melody. Wolfe and his band opened for Barbra at Forest Hills in 1965. He also recorded a Columbia Records tribute album (# CS 9600) called Piano For Barbra in which he covered Streisand's best-known songs of the time.

My Name is Barbra reel to reel tapes

(Above): Columbia released both albums together on reel-to-reel tape (Columbia H2C4), which is a format no longer produced.

Article about Columbia's plans for TWO soundtrack

(Below: Streisand in the recording studio with a cup of coffee.)

Barbra with a coffee cup


CD Packaging & Remastering Notes

When the CD was released, Columbia replicated the LP's original back cover art on the CD insert.


Track 11 ("Medley") is different on the remastered (1994) CD. The bell at the very beginning of the track has been restored. Therefore, 1987's track (without the bell) is 5:43 in length and 1994's (with the bell) is 5:45.

Track 9 ("Where's That Rainbow") is peculiar on both editions of the CD. At 2:45, right when the trumpet comes in ("Oh, it is easy..."), Barbra's voice suddenly disappears—did the trumpeter push her away from the microphone? Surely this is an issue of balancing Barbra's vocal with the trumpet, and a problem that could be corrected?

Billboard Charts

The Billboard 200 is a ranking of the 200 highest-selling music albums in the United States, published weekly by Billboard magazine.

Here's the numbers for this Streisand album:

Gold: 500,000 units shipped

Platinum: 1 million units shipped

Note: The record company must submit an album to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) where it undergoes a certification process to become eligible for an award. The process entails an independent sales audit, which calculates the quantity of singles or albums shipped for sale, net after returns. The audit surveys shipments to the entire music marketplace, including retail, record clubs, television sales, Internet orders and other ancillary markets. Based on the certification of these shipments, a title is awarded Gold, Platinum, Multi-Platinum or Diamond status. The data here comes directly from official sources, mainly the RIAA online database.

An early ad for Act 2

(Above: an early ad for the album said it would be titled “My Name is Barbra: Act Two.”)

Album Cover

Roger Prigent photographed Streisand's My Name is Barbra, Two album cover. Prigent was a photo-reporter who got a chance to shoot for Vogue and soon became a noted fashion photographer in the 1960s.

The cover photo comes from a sitting Prigent did with Streisand. His photographs of Barbra wearing her My Name is Barbra designer costumes—all captured in front of a dark gray backdrop—appeared in the April 24, 1965 edition of TV Guide.


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