Lazy Afternoon [Quadraphonic] (1975)

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Lazy Afternoon Quadraphonic cover

Lazy Afternoon Quadraphonic label


Side One

  1. Lazy Afternoon [3:47]
  2. My Father's Song [3:52]
  3. By The Way [2:55]
  4. Shake Me, Wake Me [2:50]
  5. I Never Had It So Good [3:35]

Side Two

  1. Letters That Cross In The Mail
  2. You And I
  3. Moanin' Low
  4. A Child Is Born
  5. Widescreen

About Quadraphonic

Quadraphonic recordings were embraced by audiophiles from about 1971 to 1978. A Quadraphonically encoded recording split the sound between four speakers – similar, but less effective than the 5-speaker “surround sound” available on DVD theater systems today. It was necessary to own a Quadraphonic (or “Quad”) stereo system to decode the recording (although standard 2-speaker stereo systems would still play the Quads—without 4-channel separation, though). Quadraphonic recordings were available on vinyl, 8-track tape, and reel-to-reel formats.

The master tapes for Streisand's Quadraphonic albums were all remixed for the format. Therefore, if one were to compare a song from a Quad album to a song from a non-Quad album, the Quad version might differ considerably. Sometimes the Quad engineers used a completely different vocal take than what appeared on the standard LP.

After reviewing the Quadraphonic Lazy Afternoon album, it appears there are no substantially different mixes of the tracks ... they've simply been encoded to play in four speakers. No alternate vocals or takes seem to be included.


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