Don Johnson “Let It Roll” [1989]

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Don Johnson Let It Roll cover Let it Roll back cover


  1. Other People's Lives (5:25)
  2. Tell It Like It Is (4:30)
  3. Your Love Is Safe With Me (4:22)
  4. A Better Place (Duet With Yuri) (5:25)
  5. When You Only Loved Me (3:55)
  6. Angel City (4:22)
  7. Lonely Too Long (4:20)
  8. Let It Roll (4:21)
  9. What If It Takes All Night (4:06)
  10. Little One's Lullaby (3:24)

About the Album

According to the Miami Vice Wiki:

“During Miami Vice's run, [Don] Johnson recorded his first solo album, Heartbeat, the title cut from that album reached the Billboard Top 10 in 1986 and the album went gold. He released a duet with then-girlfriend Barbra Streisand, Till I Loved You, which reached the Top 30 in 1988, and his final solo album, Let It Roll was released in 1989 and did not chart, though his remake of Tell It Like It Is (which was featured in Miami Vice in the original version by Aaron Neville) was a minor hit in Europe. ”

“Let It Roll” was produced by Keith Diamond.

Mark Iskowitz's Barbra Streisand Music Guide reported that “Barbra Streisand contributes background vocals with five other female singers on the song ‘What If It Takes All Night.’”

[Note: To my ears, Streisand is indiscernible among the background vocalists!]

The CD, LP, and cassette are out of print.

For those who collect everything Streisand has recorded, the track appears on Don Johnson: The Essential, which is available on CD at


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