hungry i Bootleg: “Live 1963”, and “Pre-History: The Debut, San Francisco 1963”

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Bel Canto cover

(Above: Front and back cover of hungry i LP; Below: labels for the Bel Canto LP.)

Hungry I LP labels

Tracks [LP]

Side 1

  1. Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
  2. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now
  3. Lover, Come Back To Me
  4. Have I Stayed Too Long At The Fair
  5. My Honey's Loving Arms
  6. Soon It's Gonna Rain
  7. When The Sun Comes Out

Side 2

  1. Much More
  2. Like A Straw In The Wind
  3. Right As the Rain
  4. Down with Love
  5. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
  6. Happy Days Are Here Again

Tracks [Déjà vu CD]

  1. Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
  2. Keepin' Out of Mischief Now
  3. Cry Me A River
  4. Lover, Come Back To Me
  5. Have I Stayed Too Long At The Fair
  6. My Honey's Loving Arms
  7. Soon It's Gonna Rain
  8. When the Sun Comes Out
  9. Much More
  10. Like a Straw In The Wind
  11. Right as Rain
  12. Down With Love
  13. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
  14. Happy Days Are Here Again

Pre History CD

Above: Front & Back covers of the Deja Vu CD. Thank you, Peter, for the scans of the CD.


About the Bootlegs

* Daniels was Streisand's music director; the rest of the musicians were members of the hungry i house band.

The following is excerpted from Guy Vespoint's excellent article on the hungry i recording from All About Barbra magazine number 37:

"Reice Hamel, who was a recording engineer, started doing some recordings at the hungry i,” guitarist Eddie Duran told Rafe Chase in a recent interview. One of the first in the Bay Area capable of first-rate remote stereo recording, Hamel offered to tape a couple of sets during one evening of Streisand's 1963 appearance at the legendary San Francisco night spot. “He had a Volkswagen bus and had all his equipment in it, had it all set up and would just lead cables from the bus to the back of the hungry i and into the room.” With her notoriety virtually guaranteed to mushroom in the ensuing months, it was speculated that a live recording could potentially augment her Columbia catalogue should her activities (namely her imminent involvement in “Funny Girl”) preclude the scheduling of studio-derived product ...

Hamel used a three-track machine in the bus and he would monitor the live session from inside the bus.

In the early 1980s, a mono cassette tape of the entire show circulated among Streisand fans.

An abridged version of the same show was released on vinyl by the Bel Canto record label (Barbra Streisand—Live 1963) in the mid-1980s.

Later, in the early 90s, another abridged version was released on CD (the Déjà vu reference edition) and titled Barbra Streisand, Pre-History: The Debut, San Francisco 1963.

Neither version was complete.

Below: Another European bootleg CD version of the hungry i recording.

Foreign version of bootleg CD

The CD cut out most of Barbra's in-between-song patter and rearranged the order of the songs. Both recordings deleted "Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf" and the orchestra reprises.

The complete show is listed below. Included in the complete recording are the wonderful asides by Barbra and a hilarious introduction of the band. (When introducing band member Benny Bach, Barbra jested, “His name is Benny. And he doesn't.” Streisand, making a word-play joke equating Bach's first name to the slang term for an amphetamine tablet (a “benny”), the audience howled with laughter.

Tracks [in proper order; complete bootleg CD]

First Show

  1. Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home
  2. Keepin' Out of Mischief Now
  3. My Coloring Book
  4. Cry Me A River
  5. Monologue / Value
  6. Lover, Come Back To Me
  7. Monologue (band introduction)
  8. Have I Stayed Too Long At The Fair
  9. Like A Straw In The Wind
  10. Straw In The Wind (orchestra reprise, bows)

Second Show

  1. My Name is Barbara
  2. Much More
  3. My Honey's Loving Arms
  4. I Hate Music
  5. Right As The Rain
  6. When the Sun Comes Out
  7. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
  8. Down With Love
  9. Down With Love (orchestra reprise, bows)
  10. Monologue (band introduction)
  11. Soon It's Gonna Rain
  12. Happy Days Are Here Again
  13. Happy Days (orchestra reprise, bows)
  14. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered


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