A Happening in Central Park (1968)

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  1. I Can See It (From the Musical Production—The Fantasticks)[2:58]
    (H. Schmidt / T. Jones)
  2. Love Is Like A New Born Child [2:55]
    (O. Brown, Jr.)
  3. Folk Monologue/Value [4:45]
    (J. Harris)
  4. Cry Me A River [3:05]
    (A. Hamilton)
  5. People (From the Motion Picture—Funny Girl)[4:43]
    (B. Merrill / J. Styne)
  6. He Touched Me [3:07]
    (I. Levine / M. Schafer)
  7. Marty The Martian [2:40]
    (J. Harris) /
    • The Sound of Music
      (O. Hammerstein II / R. Rodgers) /
    • Mississippi Mud
      (J. Cavanaugh / H. Barris) /
    • Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
      (J.F. Coots / H. Gillespie)
  8. Natural Sounds (From The Juggler)[3:08]
    (L. O'Kun)
  9. Second Hand Rose [3:01]
    (G. Clarke / J.F. Hanley)
  10. Sleep In Heavenly Peace (Silent Night) [3:34]
    (F. Gruber)
  11. Happy Days Are Here Again [3:19]
    (J. Yellen / M. Ager)

About the Album

Barbra performed two new songs during her Central Park concert, which she never recorded for any other album.

About “Love Is Like A Newborn Child”

Oscar Brown, Jr. recorded four albums for Columbia Records, and “Love Is Like A Newborn Child” appeared on his 1962 album, Between Heaven and Hell (and was arranged by Quincy Jones). The song originated in a 1961 Broadway-bound musical, Kicks & Co., written by Brown about a college campus in the South during segregation. It starred Burgess Meredith as a Satan-like character and featured Nichelle Nichols — before she portrayed Uhura on Star Trek.

About “Natural Sounds”

One of the most beautiful songs Barbra sang at this concert was “Natural Sounds” by Lan O'Kun from the musical “The Juggler” — which was unproduced. The musical concerned a street performer who has only his talents as a juggler to offer to a statue of the Virgin Mary as a Christmas present. This medieval religious miracle story by French writer Anatole France (1892) tells that the statue came to life.

O'Kun wrote songs for Streisand in the 1960s and 1970s: “The Minute Waltz,” “The Best Gift,” and “Piano Practicing.”

Lan O'Kun later wrote the screenplay for a 1982 non-musical telemovie titled “The Juggler of Notre Dame,” which—coincidentally—starred Melinda Dillon as the Virgin Mary scultptor's transient sister who is redeemed at the end of the movie. Dillon played Tom Wingo's sister in Barbra Streisand's film “The Prince of Tides.”

About the Remaster

The 1994 remaster of A Happening in Central Park is a revelation! A downside to the remaster is that audience voices are much more prevalent (it was a rowdy crowd!) and Barbra's voice sounds deeper than usual. Still, the 1994 remaster was needed and the album sounded much better. John Arrias did the 1994 remaster and stated in an interview at the time that he actually used the video master for the CD, as it was a better recording than the audio Columbia recorded that night in 1967.

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Billboard Charts

The Billboard 200 is a ranking of the 200 highest-selling music albums in the United States, published weekly by Billboard magazine.

Here's the numbers for this Streisand album:

Gold: 500,000 units shipped

Note: The record company must submit an album to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) where it undergoes a certification process to become eligible for an award. The process entails an independent sales audit, which calculates the quantity of singles or albums shipped for sale, net after returns. The audit surveys shipments to the entire music marketplace, including retail, record clubs, television sales, Internet orders and other ancillary markets. Based on the certification of these shipments, a title is awarded Gold, Platinum, Multi-Platinum or Diamond status. The data here comes directly from official sources, mainly the RIAA online database.

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Clearing up the Hollywood Bowl Rumors

It’s been claimed (and repeated by Streisand fans and Streisand biographies) that some of the tracks on this album were inserted from Barbra's July 9, 1967 concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

In truth, the only track that was replaced was Barbra’s monologue preceding “Value.”

The monologue Barbra gave that evening in Central Park was long and interupted by some business with her tea. For brevity on the album, Columbia Records substituted the Hollywood Bowl monologue, which was short, to the point, and took up less time. Otherwise the vocals you hear on the Central Park DVD are the same you hear on the album —all recorded live in New York. (Barbra Archives has heard “Marty the Martian” and “Natural Sounds” from the July 9th Hollywood Bowl concert and they are quite different interpretations!)

Anyone with a discerning ear can hear that the album tracks come from Central Park, not the Hollywood Bowl.

Barbra's manager, Marty Erlichman, released a statement in 1986 after these allegations appeared in a biography about Streisand: “Every note she sang in Central Park is on this album, including the wrong lyric at the beginning of 'Natural Sounds.' One can also hear the orchestra out of tune, especially on 'People,' because of the hot, humid air. If CBS, in the interest of brevity, substituted a few of her monologues from a second concert — what's the big deal?”

Audience at Streisand's concert

Track Order Info

The tracks on the Central Park album have been resequenced for better "sound flow" and do not appear in the order in which they were sung.

On the Central Park DVD, “I Can See It” is sung late in the first act — not as an opener.

Barbra's first song that evening was "Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home." On the CD, it's “I Can See It.”

"The Hills Are Alive / Mississippi Mud" is actually the intro to “I Can See It.”

For the CD the engineers have inserted the "Mississippi Mud" intro on track 7, preceding "Marty the Martian."

(Thanks to Daniel S. for bringing “I Can See It” to my attention).

Monsanto/CBS publicity photo of Central Park crowd

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