Barbra Streisand's Greatest Hits (1970)

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Album scans by Kevin Schlenker


  1. People [3:39]
    (B. Merrill / J. Styne)
  2. Second Hand Rose [2:08]
    (G. Clarke / J.F. Hanley)
  3. Why Did I Choose You? [2:49] *
    (M. Leonard / H. Martin)
  4. He Touched Me [3:08]
    (I. Levin / M. Schafer)
  5. Free Again [3:40]
    (R. Colby / M. Jourdan / A. Canfora / J. Baselli)
  6. Don't Rain On My Parade [2:44]
    (B. Merrill / J. Styne)
  7. My Coloring Book [4:09]
    (F. Ebb / J. Kander)
  8. Sam, You Made The Pants Too Long [2:04] **
    (S. Lewis / V. Young / F. Whitehouse / M. Berle)
  9. My Man [2:55]
    (I. Bibo / L. Woods / M. Yvain)
  10. Gotta Move [1:58]
    (P. Matz)
  11. Happy Days Are Here Again [3:07]
    (J. Yellen / M. Ager)

*On this album, Track 3, "Why Did I Choose You" is the 2:51 minute version. The complete, 3:47 minute track can be found on Columbia's remastered album, My Name is Barbra.

** Was previously available as Columbia 7-inch single #4-43612.

About the Album

Ad for Greatest Hits album

“All that is Barbra Streisand is heard here. It's a Streisand sampler, pure and simple, with such choice items as 'People,' 'Happy Days Are Here Again,' 'He Touched Me,' 'Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long,' 'My Man,' and the delightful 'Second Hand Rose' leading the way. Any true Streisand fan has all these and the rest in his collection. But if you haven't discovered Barbra yet, this should whet your appetite. If it doesn't, the forget the rest of her LPS.”

— Don Lass, Asbury Park Press 3/15/70

Billboard Charts

The Billboard 200 is a ranking of the 200 highest-selling music albums in the United States, published weekly by Billboard magazine.

Here's the numbers for this Streisand album:

Gold: 500,000 units shipped

Platinum: 1 million units shipped

Note: The record company must submit an album to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) where it undergoes a certification process to become eligible for an award. The process entails an independent sales audit, which calculates the quantity of singles or albums shipped for sale, net after returns. The audit surveys shipments to the entire music marketplace, including retail, record clubs, television sales, Internet orders and other ancillary markets. Based on the certification of these shipments, a title is awarded Gold, Platinum, Multi-Platinum or Diamond status. The data here comes directly from official sources, mainly the RIAA online database.

CD Packaging

Sony/BMG repackaged Streisand's 1970 Greatest Hits album in 2006, wrapping it in a sleeve called "The Hits" (see photo, right) that matched a series of other artists' hits CDs. The compact disc with the "Digitally Remastered" sticker is shown, left.

Greatest Hits cover

Album Cover Outtakes

The Greatest Hits album cover image of Streisand was photographed by Lawrence Schiller. He did a portrait sitting with Streisand for her film On A Clear Day You Can See Forever. Streisand is wearing her “Melinda Tentrees” wig.

Schiller alternates


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