“Funny Lady” Exhibitors Promotional Album [1974]

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  1. “Great Day”
  2. “I Found a Million Dollar Baby (in a Five and Ten-Cent Store)”
  3. “Love Song” (which is “If I Love Again”)
  4. “Blind Date”
  5. “Production Number” (which features the rare, unreleased “All My Life on the Stage” — the introduction to “Let's Hear It For Me”)

About the Album

In 1974 Columbia Pictures sent out a special exhibitor’s promotional package for their Funny Girl movie sequel, Funny Lady.

Funny Lady promo kit

Columbia Pictures issued a very rare 10-inch promotional record of Barbra Streisand's songs from Funny Lady. This was issued in very small numbers in 1974 as a preview to executives from Columbia and a select few motion picture distributors to listen to samples of production numbers from the film. The album was not acetate—but a vinyl pressing, a little over 8 minutes long.


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