“Funny Girl” Soundtrack (Quadraphonic) 1968

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Side One

  1. Overture
  2. I'm the Greatest Star
  3. If a Girl Isn't Pretty
  4. Roller Skate Rag
  5. I'd Rather Be Blue Over You (Than Happy with Somebody Else)
  6. His Love Makes Me Beautiful

Side Two

  1. People
  2. You Are Woman, I Am Man
  3. Don't Rain on My Parade
  4. Sadie, Sadie
  5. The Swan
  6. Funny Girl
  7. My Man
  8. Finale

About Quadraphonic

Quadraphonic recordings were embraced by audiophiles from about 1971 to 1978. A Quadraphonically encoded recording split the sound between four speakers – similar, but less effective than the 5-speaker “surround sound” available on DVD theater systems today. It was necessary to own a Quadraphonic (or “Quad”) stereo system to decode the recording (although standard 2-speaker stereo systems would still play the Quads—without 4-channel separation, though). Quadraphonic recordings were available on vinyl, 8-track tape, and reel-to-reel formats.

The master tapes for Streisand's Quadraphonic albums were all remixed for the format. Therefore, if one were to compare a song from a Quad album to a song from a non-Quad album, the Quad version might differ considerably. Sometimes the Quad engineers used a completely different vocal take than what appeared on the standard LP.

The Streisand Quadraphonic albums are also interesting from an artistic point of view. To some listeners the difference between a Quad and non-Quad track may be undetectable. To others it is fascinating to hear Barbra’s studio technique — how she alters her phrasing of a song with each take; how she sings new notes and tries new “readings” of a song.

“Funny Girl” Quad vs. CD

The main difference between the Funny Girl Quadraphonic LP and the current CD is the “echo chamber” sound on Barbra's vocals. The Quad LP used more reverb on Streisand's vocals so that it sounded like she was in an echo chamber. The reverb is gone on the remastered CD.

Below are the track-by-track differences between the Quad and the CD:


The Quad contains “Second Hand Rose” — the CD does not.

I'm the Greatest Star

On the CD, all of Streisand's spoken dialogue is included (“You think beautiful girls are gonna stay in style forever?...”)

On the Quad, no dialogue is included. Only the musical score plays during that section.

Don't Rain On My Parade

The Quad version omits the introductory music and starts with Barbra singing “Don't ...”

Sadie, Sadie

On the CD, when Omar Sharif comes in, he sings “Sadie, Sadie, married lady...”

On the Quad, the editors left in Sharif's spoken words: “... and for Sadie, Sadie, married lady...”

The Swan

On the Quad, Barbra's line, “Prince!” is included. On the CD, it is not.

Listen to a medley of excerpts from the Funny Girl quadraphonic album. Included are examples of the differences mentioned above for the songs “Greatest Star,” “Sadie,” and “The Swan.”


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