Once Upon A Fairy Tale (2001)

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Once Upon A Fairy Tale

This book/CD is out of print.


About the Album

Released in 2001, Once Upon a Fairy Tale was a star-studded children's book project to benefit the Starbright Foundation for seriously ill children.

Twenty-one celebrities (like Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Robin Williams, and Steven Spielberg) read four traditional fairy tales in their unique voices.

Below: A full-length audio CD was slipped into a pocket in the back of the book.

Fairy Tale CD

Below: Brief biographies of the cast of celebrities and illustrators ended the eclectic collection.

Streisand's bio in the book

Barbra Streisand recorded a wry vocal for The Frog Prince section of the book. Her story: “H.R.H. Ermintrude Brunhilda Katerina Lilian III” (the mother and queen of the fairy tale).

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Below: The illustration of “Ermintrude” by Keith Graves.

Illustration by Keith Graves


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