Barbra Streisand En Français (1966)

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Side One

  1. Non ... c'est rien
  2. Les enfants qui pleurent

Side Two

  1. Et la mer
  2. Le mur

About the Album

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Je m'appelle Barbra's producer Ettore Stratta recalled, “I was producing recordings by American artists singing in foreign language for the foreign markets. And it came the idea that we would do an EP— four songs— with Barbra in French. And then the project developed to such a point that she was so pleased, and of course she had just met Michel [Legrand] and fell in love with him — with his music, with his arranging and everything — that we extended the project and we made a whole LP.”

En francais was the Streisand 45 RPM, 7-inch EP which was released in Europe. On it were four songs—some which were not included on the 1966 album Je m'appelle Barbra.

“Non ... c'est rien” appeared on the 1966 album Color Me Barbra.

“Les enfants qui pleurent” is the French version of “Martina” from Je m'appelle Barbra.

“Et la mer” is the French version of “Look.” (The English version of “Look” was not included on Je m'appelle Barbra, but did appear on Columbia single #4-44225 as the B-side of “Stout-Hearted Men.”)

And, finally, the last track on En francais—“Le mur”—appeared on Je m'appelle Barbra along with its English version, “I've Been Here.”

Album Cover Outtakes

Philippe Halsman photographed Streisand in her Manhattan home in 1965. One of the photos from this session was used as the cover for Barbra's French EP. Other outtakes by Halsman are below:

Halsman outtakes

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