A Collection: Greatest Hits and More (1989)

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  1. We're Not Makin' Love Anymore [5:33] *Metzner photo
    (M. Bolton / D. Warren)
  2. Woman In Love [3:51]
    (B. Gibb / R. Gibb)
  3. All I Ask Of You [4:01]
    (A. Lloyd Webber / C. Hart / R. Stilgoe)
  4. Comin' In And Out Of Your Life [4:09]
    (R. Parker / B. Whiteside)
  5. What Kind Of Fool (Duet with Barry Gibb) [4:07]
    (B. Gibb / A. Galuten)
  6. The Main Event/Fight [4:54]
    ("Main" - P. Jabara / B. Roberts; "Fight" - P. Jabara / B. Esty)
  7. Someone That I Used To Love [4:21] *
    (G. Goffin / M. Masser)
  8. By The Way [2:56]
    (B. Streisand / R. Holmes)
  9. Guilty (Duet with Barry Gibb) [4:23]
    (B. Gibb / R. Gibb / M. Gibb)
  10. Memory [3:55]
    (A. Lloyd Webber / T.S. Eliot / T. Nunn)
  11. The Way He Makes Me Feel (studio version) [4:11]
    (M. Bergman / A. Bergman / M. Legrand)
  12. Somewhere [4:55]
    (S. Sondheim / L. Bernstein)

* Newly recorded tracks

About the Album

Barbra's liner notes read:

A philosophy ascribed to the American Indian says, "As the Earth provides for us, so must we nurture and protect the Earth." I am hopeful that the present generation will help preserve this planet, our only home, for future generations. With love, Barbra

Columbia repackaged some of Streisand’s previously-released songs into another “Greatest Hits” package, adorned with beautiful new photographs by Sheila Metzner.

Singer and songwriter Michael Bolton contributed the new song (and single) for this album — the power ballad “We’re Not Making Love Anymore,” which he co-wrote with the talented Diane Warren. In his autobiography he wrote, “Diane and I debated which artists to send it to. We felt [the song] deserved someone mature enough to sing it with the right kind of passion, which means the right voice as well as the right life experience. We agreed the perfect match would be Barbra Streisand, who possessed that rare combination of a Stradivarius-quality voice and a gift for storytelling in song.”

Narada Michael Walden

Narada Michael Walden produced and arranged “We’re Not Making Love Anymore.”

“When she came to the studio I heard she was very difficult to work with, so what I did is I put 100 candles in the studio,” Walden said. “So, when she first walked in, all is she saw was 100 flickering lights. That disarmed her and made her kind of relax for a moment. Then, I went to the piano with her to kind of go over the song and that was really comforting for her that we could go to the piano to work things out. This also helped her relax. By the time we were ready to sing, she was fine. Then, you go to the microphones and you hear her voice coming over the speakers, then you know—it’s BARBRA STREISAND, which is always fantastic. She has a great tone and a great presence.”

Narada Michael Walden added, “The one thing I found I could really help her with was her phrasing and rhythm cause there’s a lot of rhythm in that song, even though it seems subtle. It’s not loose like the song, ‘People’, it’s ‘We’re Not Making Love Anymore’ — you know what I mean, put it in the pocket. She was sad because she was going through a big break up with Don Johnson at the time.”

Michael Bolton told interviewer Chris Yandek: “A friend of mine produced the song she did We’re Not Making Love Anymore and they asked me if I wanted to come in and do the vocals with her and I said, ‘I had a lot of faith’ ... I love my relationship with Barbra just as it is and if she’s going to record music of mine, I want that to keep going and you know I can’t wait to hear the record.’ They sent it to me and she was phenomenal.”

Columbia Records Press Release for COLLECTION

The video for “We’re Not Making Love Anymore” was filmed by Columbia Records to promote A Collection: Greatest Hits ... And More. The video featured Barbra singing in a penthouse suite, while the rain outside blew the silk curtains dramatically. The exterior shots of the building were filmed at L.A.’s art deco Argyle Hotel. Jim Shea directed the video (he also directed the music video for 1999’s “If You Ever Leave Me”).

Columbia Records marketing overview for A COLLECTION

Another new song on the album, “Someone That I Used to Love,” was written by Gerald Goffin and Michael Masser. In 1989 Masser also produced Streisand's recording of “Halfway Through the Night,” a song he wrote with Cynthia Weil. It was not included on this or any other Streisand album to date.


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Here's the numbers for this Streisand album:

Gold: 500,000 units shipped

Platinum: 1 million units shipped

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Album Cover

A few of the furniture items which were pictured on the cover of Barbra's 1989 album A Collection: Greatest Hits...And More were auctioned at Christies in November 1999.

auction items


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