Barbra Streisand: The Collection (2004, 2005 & 2009)

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Streisand The Collection short box cover

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The Collection Long box cover

(Above: 2004 packaging and cover art.)

The Collection 2009 repackaging

(Above: 2009 re-packaging of the 3 CD set.)

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About the Album

Columbia/Legacy released Barbra Streisand: The Collection (#024639, $29.98) on July 13, 2004, comprising three previously released classic Streisand albums—A Star Is Born, The Way We Were, and Funny Girl. All 35 tracks over the three discs duplicate the 2002 remastered CD reissues. Collectors take note of the special package!

Columbia repackaged the set into a square box in 2005. They kept the square box, but changed the cover art again in 2009.


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