Barbra Streisand Christmas Seals Campaign 1965

Christmas Seals album

The Christmas Seal Campaign was established in 1907 to fight tuberculosis. Special holiday seals were designed and printed, then sold at the post office for a penny each.

Over the years, the American Lung Association’s mission expanded to include research into other respiratory diseases, such as lung cancer, and many more people began to send Christmas Seals.

label of 1965 Christmas Seal Campaign album

Barbra Streisand recorded a 14:47 minute show for the Christmas Seal campaign. The album, sent to radio stations for airing, featured Streisand speaking about Christmas Seals, plus introducing four songs—including two from her Broadway triumph in Funny Girl: “When The Sun Comes Out,” “Don't Rain On My Parade,” “My Coloring Book,” and “People.”

Barbra Archives has edited the show down (minus the songs) and you can listen to it here:

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