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The publicity for Streisand's new album & auction is starting up. Here's a list of dates to watch for:

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Diana Krall produced Barbra Streisand's new album, due Sept. 29, 2009, titled Love is the Answer. Streisand and Krall commenced recording the album the week of November 17, 2008.

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January 4, 2010

“Love” Charts Update

Barbra's latest album, Love is the Answer, rose on Billboard's Top 200 chart to #84—probably helped by Christmas sales. She's up to #2 on Billboard's Jazz chart, too!

November 13, 2009


According to Barbra's official site:

Barbra's 63rd album, "Love Is The Answer" has been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), just months after debuting at #1 on the Billboard Charts. This brings the number of 'Gold Albums' in Barbra's back catalog to 51.

NOvember 4, 2009

Charting Barbra

On the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, Barbra's Love is the Answer debuted at #1 and has spent the last three weeks at #4. This week finds Barbra at #9 on the Billboard 200.

Interestingly, Streisand has charted at #2 for three weeks in a row on Billboard's Jazz Album chart!

October 19, 2009

Johnny Mandel Interview

Make sure you check out this wonderful interview (in 2 parts) with Johnny Mandel about working with Streisand on Love is the Answer over at

Part One >>

Part Two >>

October 15, 2009

Streisand #1 Record-Breaker

Love is the Answer debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. The album is Streisand's ninth #1 [and her third record to debut at #1] and achieved that status with sales of over 180,000 albums.

Love is the Answer became Streisand's first number one album since 1997's Higher Ground. This is a history-making statistic! Streisand is the only artist in America to have a #1 album in each of the last five decades.

Billboard reported on how Streisand beat out other recording acts like Mariah Carey and the group Paramore:

... Streisand surprised many with how well her album sold in non-traditional ways -- such as through Starbucks, QVC and via her Web site ...

On Barbra Streisand's official site she said:

I was just told that Love Is The Answer came out at Number One, and I want to share that honor with all of you.. my fans, my friends.. who have made that possible. I want to share it as well with Diana Krall and Tommy LiPuma and everyone who worked on the album... with Jay Landers and especially my manager Marty Erlichman and my team at Columbia Records. You'd think that getting the news that you've been Number One in five consecutive decades would make you feel old, but this makes me feel young. Thank you all. Love, Barbra

In its second week, Barbra's album went from #4 to #1 in the UK. Streisand posted a comment about that, too:

When the album went to #1 in the States I was surprised and thrilled. To have the same thing happen on "the other side of the pond" is just as exciting. I've always loved spending time in the UK and it's so gratifying to learn how this album has been embraced. With all my appreciation and thanks! Barbra

According to the official press release:

Among the other distinctions the victory achieves is that it brings Ms. Streisand into a tie with The Beatles for most albums reaching top ten chart status. They follow the Rolling Stones and Frank Sinatra. Her latest trip to top-of-the charts also extends her previous record of longest period between first and most recent #1 rankings from 33 years to 45 years.

For its second week on the Billboard charts, Love is the Answer slipped to #4.

Matt at Barbra-Archives congratulates Ms. Streisand on her record-breaking success ... and also for the artistry of her newest album.


Village Vanguard Videos

Three videos (If You Go Away, Wee Small Hours, and Make Someone Happy) from Barbra's live performance at The Village Vanguard are available on

The link to watch them is here.

September 26, 2009

Streisand at Village Vanguard

Streisand at Village Vanguard

New York City’s 7th Avenue was buzzing with excitement on Saturday night, September 26, when Barbra Streisand performed a free concert at the historic Village Vanguard to an audience of 100 of her luckiest fans from around the world, who'd been chosen from tens of thousands of entrants in a variety of contests launched on the artist's website,

Crowds and onlookers of all-ages thronged the streets and sidewalks around the venue hoping for glimpses of the legendary performer who'd last performed in Greenwich Village in 1961, and for notables, including former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman attending the once-in-a-lifetime event.

Streisand decided to return to the Village Vanguard to perform the songs from Love Is The Answer — her new album of jazz standards and classics — in the most intimate setting possible. With its astounding acoustics and deeply comfortable vibe, The Village Vanguard — an epicenter of the New York jazz scene since an all-jazz policy was implemented in 1957 — was, and is one of the most renowned musical venues in the world.

During her Vanguard concert, Streisand performed songs from her new album, as well as personal favorites and some surprises, in an extraordinarily warm and powerful set, as the artist and her audience shared an evening filled with music, magic and memories.

Streisand poses for press

Several people with connection to Barbra’s early Greenwich Village days appeared to present Barbra to thunderous applause including Lorraine Gordon, widow of the Village Vanguard’s owner, Max Gordon; Rick Edelstein, a waiter at the Village Vanguard who arranged for a then-teen-aged Streisand's first audition at the venue, and lastly, Marty Erlichman, Barbra Streisand’s longtime manager, who was introduced to Barbra by Rick Edelstein in 1961. Backed by a small, tightly-honed band, Streisand delivered passionate and unforgettable performances. The full set-list included, in order of performance:

Performance footage from The Village Vanguard show will be available on beginning on Sunday, September 27, as well as on starting on Tuesday, September 29.

Note: Some footage from London as well as The Village Vanguard will appear on the CBS Sunday Morning show, airing 9/27/09.

Streisand by Mazur


Streisand at Waldorf

(Above): Barbra Streisand poses at the Waldorf Astoria after a concert at the Village Vanguard on Saturday.

Streisand rehearsal

(Above): Rehearsal photo (courtesy of Richard Jay-Alexander) of the band. Ray Marchica (drums), and Tamir Hendelman (piano).

Barbra taped her Today Show interview after the press photo session at the Waldorf.


Streisand Story on NPR Radio

NPR interviewed Lorraine Gordon (proprietor of Village Vanguard) about The Village Vanguard show. Listen to the NPR story here >>


LP inside cover

Thanks to Juan Carlos for sending this shot of the inside cover of the Love is the Answer vinyl LP!

September 25, 2009

Ready For Village Vanguard?

Around 100 very lucky people will witness Barbra Streisand perform a very special show at New York's Village Vanguard tomorrow night (...tomorrow night...)

Richard Jay-Alexander, who is putting the show together, said (after leaving rehearsal today): “This is history. Absolutely surreal. There is NO OTHER. Tears and taking your breath away. And it all happens again tomorrow ... with people in the place.”

Streisand, Jay-Alexander, and band were rehearsing today at the VV. Jay-Alexander sent along these phone photos of the rehearsal and a very special guest (Richard Edelstein—who was Barbra's friend and a waiter at the VV back in 1961).

Village Vanguard Rehearsals

(Photos by Richard Jay-Alexander, with thanks!)

September 24, 2009

New York Times Interview

Make sure to check out Anthony Tommasini's interview with Barbra Streisand, posted today at the New York Times website. What's most remarkable is that Tommasini managed to get Streisand to discuss some vocal technique — which she hardly ever comments about. Read it!



Oprah and Streisand has a story and interview video posted from the Streisand show, which airs today. Fans in some cities have already seen the show (it airs in the morning in some areas) and tell me that “Evergreen” and the video of Barbra's house didn't make the final cut.

Update: has the video of Barbra singing “Evergreen”!! Watch it here >>

September 23, 2009

Oprah Airs Tomorrow

Just back from an amazing trip to Chicago, where I got to be an audience member for the taping of the Streisand show, which airs 9/24/09!! (And met some *fantastic* fellow Streisand fans—Hi Tigh, Rob, and Jason!)

Barbra looked great and sounded even better as she sang “Make Someone Happy” and “Evergreen”.

Oprah Show

Barbra's segment was taped 9/22 and will be incorporated into a Music Mogals show which Barbra will share with Jay-Z.

September 18, 2009

Streisand Home Tour on Oprah 9/24/09

According to, “living legend Barbra Streisand takes you inside her new dream home” on the 24 September 2009 show.

As far as I know, this is completely different than the in-studio appearance which is being taped on Tuesday. Sounds like Oprah sent a crew to Streisand's house ... or maybe they're showing photographs and will be hyping the one-hour in-studio show with Streisand?

September 17, 2009


Richard Jay-Alexander appeared with Shawn Killinger on "Q Check" today on the cable shopping channel QVC. He spoke gregariously about Barbra's new album, calling it a “make-out album”.

Jay-Alexander continued to share stories about his work with Streisand (directing her last tour). He revealed that Barbra is in Europe “on a boat” right now. He shared a cute story about Streisand's dog parties with Shirley MacLaine. Jay-Alexander also shared that he'd just returned from the Village Vanguard where Streisand will sing for 100+ lucky fans on 9/26/09.

Richard Jay-Alexander on QVC

The segment, part of an hour-long show, ran about 15 minutes. Host Shawn Killinger announced toward the end of the show that over 1,300 CDs were ordered during the short segment.

We also got some great views of the CD packaging, which includes Barbra's dog, Sammy, on the back cover, and a gorgeous shot of Streisand on the inside-flap.

Love is the Answer CD on QVC

Dog Contest Update

New York Post has a story about the pet competition.

Streisand's publicist, Dick Guttman, sent a statement to Barbra-Archives today. He stressed that the dog contest winner was a “strange coincidence,” and that the people at Sony who judged the contest legitimately selected the winning photo with absolutely no knowledge or indication that it was from someone Barbra Streisand knew.

Barbra did not take part in the judging because she has been on vacation off the coast of Europe. (“She certainly would have avoided that apparent conflict of interests had she been involved.”)

Guttman further explained that “once Columbia Records understood how this situation, however innocently derived, would be misinterpreted, the people involved elected to name the runner-up the winner.”

The contest “was intended as a very pure expression of gratitude to her fans to be fairly judged. And now, with the adjustment accomplished, that intention has been carried out.”

September 16, 2009

QVC Tomorrow

Richard Jay-Alexander will appear on the QVC shopping channel tomorrow from Noon to 1pm EST. He'll be talking about the new album with host Shawn Killinger. It's possible there may be more spots during the day. Here's an article about RJA on QVC at Broadway World.


“Make Someone Happy”

Wake Up to Wogan (on BBC Radio 2) played “Make Someone Happy” on the 15 September 2009 show. You can listen to it here at approx. 1:08:00.

September 15, 2009

Streisand on Today Show

An interview with Streisand by Meredith Vieira will air on September 29 on The Today Show (NBC).

September 14, 2009

Streisand on Oprah

Barbra Streisand will be in Chicago to tape the Oprah Winfrey Show on September 22nd. I'll have reports from the show!

No word yet on when the Streisand/Oprah Show will air. (Probably the next week following the taping....)

More UK, Canada, Spain & French Contests

The BBC Radio 2 Wake up to Wogan show is having a Streisand contest. Link is here.

Radio Canada is having a contest. Link is here. [Thanks, Karim]

Raymond tells me that LA FOSSE AUX LIONNES (similar to THE VIEW here in America) is having a contest to win 2 tickets to Barbra's show.

Also, Juan Carlos alerted me of a contest in Spain. Link is here.

David sent a link to a French contest. Link is here.

September 11, 2009

Village Vanguard Show to be Streamed Online confirms they will be streaming the Village Vanguard concert online, the following week!


Canada & BBC 2 Village Vanguard Contests

Thanks to Barbra-Archives readers Krystyna and Steve for sending me alerts about two new contests. (Please visit the links below: I don't have any more information at the moment about the specifics).

In Toronto, Jazz FM is apparently offering a ticket for one lucky Canadian to see Barbra at the Village Vanguard. Jazz FM are starting a promo contest next week, “something about passwords,” Krystyna writes,“and you get to fly to New York with the CEO of JazzFM, Ross Porter, to see Barbra at the Village Vanguard. This is no doubt due to Ross Porter's connection to Diana Krall, whom he supported in her early days. Nice to know she's returning the favour!!”

Meanwhile, across the pond, Steve alerts me that all next week Terry Wogan is doing a “Barbra Week” with a chance to win tickets for the Village Vanguard. Wogan's show is on BBC Radio2 from 7:30 am (UK time, of course).

Here are links. Check the sites next week for details—or if you are a local, listen to the show(s)!

Toronto Jazz FM >>

Terry Wogan BBC Radio 2 >>

September 9, 2009

Streisand on Jonathan Ross (BBC)

Barbra Streisand will sit down for a special interview with Jonathan Ross. Ross tweeted last night that Streisand would sing three songs on his show!

The BBC says:

In her first British TV interview this century, she will be in the UK for a unique edition of Jonathan's BBC One Friday night talk show, Friday Night With Streisand And Ross, entirely devoted to a celebration of her legendary life as a performing icon.

The show is scheduled to air on BBC One Friday October 2, 2009 and will repeat Sunday October 4, 2009.

September 8, 2009

More European Barbra

Radio 5 in the Netherlands is sponsoring a Streisand contest to win tickets to the 20 September London event. Visit their site here.

September 4, 2009

Streisand Tapes Jonathan Ross + More QVC

Streisand, while in Europe, willl tape an appearance at the BBC for the Jonathan Ross Show. Taping is scheduled for September 20th.

The Austrian version of Streisand's official site (in conjunction with is offering a ticket giveaway to the Ross Show. The link is here.

Austrian Giveaway graphic

Meanwhile, Richard Jay-Alexander will appear three times (starting at noon) on QVC again, talking about his work with Barbra and selling the new album. The QVC spots will air September 17th.

September 2, 2009

“Wee Small Hours” Digital Single On Sale Now

Wee small hours single

Amazon is currently selling an mp3 single from Barbra's new album: “In the Wee Small Hours”! Buy it for $1.29!

Here's a link to buy/download >>

Complete “Smoke” on BBC2 Radio

Aled Jones (sitting in for Sarah Kennedy), played the complete “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” on today's show. You can visit the BBC2 Radio site and click on "Listen".

“Smoke” begins at approximately 01:19:00. The show's available online for six days only ... enjoy!

Streisand Previews at

The UK Amazon site has uploaded the Love is the Answer mp3 page, and you can go there now and hear 30-second snippets of all the tracks on the album, including the quartet versions on disc two of the deluxe CD.

Link to >>

September 1, 2009

Barbra on BBC

You can listen to Ken Bruce's BBC Radio 2 show, which aired this morning in the UK.

At approximately 0:49:00, you can hear the complete song, “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning”.

Then at 2:08:13, Bruce plays all of “If You Go Away” .... wow!!!! [seriously, this track = perfection!]

Ne me quitte pas

Il faut oublier

Tout peut s'oublier

Qui s'enfuit déjà

Oublier le temps

Des malentendus

Et le temps perdu

A savoir comment

Oublier ces heures

Qui tuaient parfois

A coups de pourquoi

Le coeur du bonheur

Ne me quitte pas

Ne me quitte pas ...

Visit the BBC Radio 2 page and click on “Listen”—they only post the show for seven days, so listen soon!


August 31, 2009

Advance Sales

“Love is the Answer” has the biggest advance sales in Sony’s history! (And advance sales count on the charts for the first week.)


BJS Exclusives on BBC2 Radio

Radio personality Ken Bruce will present the UK exclusive first play of two tracks from the new Barbra Streisand album, Love is the Answer.

The show will air tomorrow, Tuesday 01 September, at 09:30 on BBC Radio 2.

Here's a link. (You can click the BBC iPlayer to listen to a live show.)


QVC Wrap-Up

The Music of Barbra Streisand —a half-hour show which aired on QVC Friday 28 August—moved 11.3K units of both the single and deluxe CD (with the exclusive QVC bonus DVD).

It's possible QVC may host another Streisand pre-sale show. More details as they develop.

Screen caps from QVC show

Here's a link to YouTube, for those who missed the show and might want to hear some of the new songs from Love is the Answer.

August 30, 2009

Streisand in L.A. Times

Barbra Streisand was interviewed by writer Susan King for the L.A Times about the new album.

Link here >>

August 28, 2009


The 1/2 hour Music of Barbra Streisand show on QVC went by fast and they sold over 7 thousand 10 thousand (!) of the CD/DVD set. Richard Jay-Alexander raved about the new album, and several songs from the album were played on air.

Richard Jay Alexander on QVC

We also got a good shot of the back cover of the album, featuring Barbra and her dog Sammy on the couch. Sammy also graces the back cover of the bonus DVD.

You can watch some of the show on the QVC website if you click on the video tab on the CD order page. Here's a link.

August 27, 2009

QVC Details Revealed

Sony just confirmed the details about Friday's QVC Love is the Answer show. First, the specifics:

The Music of Barbra Streisand—introducing "Love is the Answer" Friday, August 28, 2009 10:00 - 10:30 PM ET ... Don't miss your chance to order the standard or deluxe editions before they hit the streets, along with bonus material created especially for QVC®! We'll be joined by Barbra's longtime friend, collaborator and co-director Richard Jay-Alexander as we celebrate her illustrious career and present The Music of Barbra Streisand - introducing "Love is the Answer."

The bonus material is a DVD that includes songs from each of her 5 television specials.

[Bonus DVD video tracks: People, from My Name Is Barbra (1965); Yesterdays from Color Me Barbra (1966); I'm Always Chasing Rainbows, from The Belle Of 14th Street (1967); Silent Night from A Happening In Central Park (1968); Cryin' Time (with Ray Charles) from Barbra Streisand and Other Musical Instruments (1973)]

Additionally, QVC will air a never-before-seen interview regarding "Love Is The Answer" during the program.

Plus, I'm sure Richard Jay-Alexander will have interesting and entertaining things to say.

QVC has been busy putting up Streisand's album in their store today, too.

August 24, 2009

Parade Streaming ENTIRE Song, "Here's To Life"

Parade Magazine just informed me they are streaming the entire song, Here's To Life.

Listen here.


Krall Notes About Album

I'm happy to bring you Diana Krall's notes about working with Barbra on the album:

Diana Krall and Barbra Streisand

It Happened in Monterey...

Not so very long ago, Barbra attended my performance at the jazz festival. The next time we met, at a party, we fell to talking about songs that she might feature on her upcoming tour.

In 2006, I attended her sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden. We got to talking about songs again during the after party in her hotel suite. From these exchanges sprang the idea of entering the studio together, only I would be sitting on the more unusual side of the glass.

So, how do you start to work on a record such as this? A shot in the dark, a chance remark, a list of songs in the mail. Short notes and conversations, a few cocktails and some laughter. These are the steps you take.

What do you bring to a woman who has already made so many brilliant records and is so accomplished in everything she does?

Well, it turns out to be the sensitive and expressive touch of musicians and technicians in whose company I have been so fortunate to find myself as an artist.

Now, we are all sharing the charged and precious space of Capitol Studios, in which our singer daily illustrates that her famous appetite for high style and the drama of life also extends to curiosity about songs that are still to be sung.

There is nothing coy or flimsy about her approach to love as a musical subject. She is a woman in her finest hour, looking back with some melancholy and humility at the comedy of life. She hunts down that crucial vocal nuance which exults and laments in equal measure.

When I first heard Barbra's records, her voice and style were simply mesmerizing. They still are. The thought of meeting her incredibly high standards was a bit daunting.

This has been an extraordinary project to be a part of. From the opening celebratory statement of “Here's to Life,” to the unadorned beauty of the solo piano-accompanied “You Must Believe in Spring,” she is unflinching and utterly uncompromising.

Finally, during those brief interludes in which technical mysteries must be solved, we play a few hands of gin rummy on a small table in the control room, just two women, sharing a joke and waiting to go back to work.

Diana Krall

August 24, 2009

Mark Your Calendar

The publicity machine for Streisand's new album & auction is starting up. Here's a list of dates to watch for:

August 21, 2009

Willie Nelson Duet?

Willie Nelson told the Los Angeles Times, in an interview about his new album, American Classics (produced by Streisand collaborator Tommy LiPuma—who also worked on Love is the Answer):

"We were going to do [“Always On My Mind”] with Barbra Streisand and something happened and she didn’t sing it for some reason. I suggested maybe we shouldn’t put it on the album, but they put it on there anyway." Interview Online

Parade photo has posted its Streisand interview(s). As far as I can tell, there are three (!!) different stories on their site:

There are two other media sections at, too:

August 19, 2009

Parade Magazine Preview

Check out this preview of Streisand (looking slim and gorgeous!) on the cover of Parade Magazine, due out this Sunday. The preview was shown on Access Hollywood.

Parade Magazine shots

Parade Magazine is distributed with Sunday morning newspapers, so check their site out if you do not receive it in your area. They will most likely post the Streisand story on their website this Sunday, August 23rd.

August 19, 2009


From Barbra's Official Site:

It was announced yesterday on the QVC Shopping Channel Web Site that Barbra's Collaborator and Co-Director, Richard Jay-Alexander, will be appearing on QVC on Friday August 28 at 10pm, for the introduction of Barbra’s new recording, in a very personal way.

Richard will fill the hour with “behind-the-scenes” information, exclusive video footage of Barbra and everything you want to know about the highly anticipated new album, produced by her longtime friend and fellow artist, Diana Krall. Buying the recording(s) on QVC will also bring opportunities not offered elsewhere.

In an exclusive phone call with, Richard Jay-Alexander said, "I'm looking forward to it... it should be a lot of fun. I've been listening to the new recording non-stop. I think it's amazing and, for me, Barbra is once again proving that she has no peers. Hers is an unparalleled career... and the voice … unequaled.”

LOVE IS THE ANSWER Publicity Plans

Here's some of the future plans for publicizing Streisand's new album (please note that any of these could change!):

August 12, 2009

Digital “Love”

Just confirmed with Sony that Love is the Answer will be offered both at iTunes and at as a digital download for those fans who enjoy their albums in mp3 format.

August 11, 2009

Official Site Updates + Oz News

Make sure you re-visit Barbra's official website, as they have been adding sound clips of songs from the new album. You can currently hear excerpts from: Here's to Life; In the Wee Small Hours; and Gentle Rain. The amazing If You Go Away was added on 8/11. OMG, this track sounds incredible!!!!!!

Diana Krall and Barbra Streisand

Mark Bliss of The Australian Barbra Streisand Association has confirmed that both the Standard and Deluxe Editions shall be released in Oz. The Australian release date is currently set for Friday September 25, which is 4 days prior to the US release.

One last "FYI" ... Did you notice on the link to pre-order the album from Barbra's official site that Sony is offering an LP version of this album?! I must admit I have pre-ordered a copy for myself. It'll be nice to have that gorgeous cover in full-size, 12 x 12 inches!

August 10, 2009

Streisand Video at is running an exclusive video in which Streisand discusses her new album. Watch it now—there's excerpts from some of the songs on the album!!

Streisand Amazon video

Amazon has also updated their Barbra Streisand store.

August 8, 2009

The Village Vanguard ... Intimate NY Club

Streisand will sing a selection of songs from her new album, Love is the Answer, on September 26th at New York's jazz club, The Village Vanguard. Fans can enter a sweepstake at her official site to win free tickets to see Barbra perform. The last time Streisand played a small New York club was some 48 years ago.

I thought it'd be interesting to the Streisand fans out there to post a bit about New York's Village Vanguard.

Village Vanguard outside, and inside

As you can see by these recent photos of the club, it is small and intimate—looking like many of the Greenwich Village clubs Streisand played when she was 18—19 years old.

There's a great book published in 1980 called Live at the Village Vanguard by Max Gordon—its owner (who died in 1989). Here's an excerpt from the book about Streisand and Miles Davis. Gordon wrote about working with Davis and asking him to take bows and introduce his band, which Davis didn't like to do. Gordon wrote:

I knew [...] to leave Miles alone, and I did, except once when I asked him to play for a girl singer who used to hang out at the Vanguard Sunday matinees ...

“She's great,” I told him. “I heard her at a benefit.”

“I don't play behind no girl singer. Ask Herbie (Herbie Hancock, the piano player in Miles's sextet); if he wants to play for her, it's OK with me.”

When Miles heard the three numbers she did—and the applause, he said, “What's her name? Bring her in, if you want to, but hire a trio to play for her. I won't play behind no broad.”

The girl singer was Barbra Streisand. I put her into The Blue Angel later.”

[Note: Gordon opened The Blue Angel in 1943 in partnership with Herb Jacobi.]

And in Lorraine Gordon's book, Alive at the Village Vanguard, she wrote:

Barbra did sing at the Vanguard. Without Miles. She'd been singing off and on in the Village at a club on Eighth Street called the Bon Soir. Barbra was a shy one. Nineteen years old. She wasn't a seasoned performer—she was new. Max [Gordon] took a chance on her. In fact, Max was a very generous man to Barbra early on, giving her new gigs...

Eventually he brought Barbra uptown to the Blue Angel. This would have been July 1961. That's when I got to know her. We would sit together between shows and talk. She was always alone, it seemed to me. Got up to sing in a very inconspicuous dress, kind of a muumuu, one of those long things. And I don't know why, I have this sense that she was barefoot. Maybe she was. But she had the look of a young girl. Coltish. Not dressed to kill, no sequins ... Barbra was very plain and simple.

Until she opened her mouth. Then she was transformed. Suddenly you were in the presence of this extravagantly talented woman who could give you chills just by singing. There was nothing Barbra couldn't do with her voice—she had such control, top to bottom. And she had the brains, the good sense, to pick fabulous material—each song that she sang had a different character. And she imbued them all with an emotional core of true feeling and a point of view that was altogether unique.

Barbra wasn't a jazz singer, though she could do that. She had the chops, and if it was a jazz number, yeah, she could heat it up, but she didn't particularly want to be a jazz singer. She was just a natural ...

Streisand and Lorraine Gordon

Above is a photo of Streisand and Lorraine Gordon.

Village Vanguard is in New York City at 178 Seventh Ave. South (just below West 11th St. in Greenwich Village) New York, NY 10014 .

August 7, 2009

Track Times for Deluxe CD

Here are the track times for the 2-CD Deluxe version of Love is the Answer, due September 29th.

Disc 1 (Orchestra Versions)
  1. Here's To Life   4:35                        
  2. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning   4:02                        
  3. Gentle Rain   4:19                        
  4. If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas)   4:14                        
  5. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most   4:32                        
  6. Make Someone Happy   4:08                        
  7. Where Do You Start?   4:26                        
  8. A Time For Love   5:12                        
  9. Here's That Rainy Day   5:04                        
10. Love Dance   4:43                        
11. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes   4:22                        
12. Some Other Time   4:43                        
13. You Must Believe In Spring   4:04                        
Disc 2 (Quartet Versions)
  1. Here's To Life   4:31                        
  2. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning   3:58                        
  3. Gentle Rain   4:19                        
  4. If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas)   4:11                        
  5. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most   4:31                        
  6. Make Someone Happy   4:01                        
  7. Where Do You Start?   4:26                        
  8. A Time For Love   5:12                        
  9. Here's That Rainy Day   5:02                        
10. Love Dance   4:43                        
11. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes   4:16                        
12. Some Other Time   4:44                        


August 6, 2009

Streisand Site Redesigned + Live At Village Vanguard on Sept. 26th + Album Art

Check out Barbra Streisand's official site for all the exciting details!!

Deluxe edition cover looks like this:

Love is the Answer Deluxe

FYI, the deluxe edition is currently selling at #85 at!

August 5, 2009

Something's Coming...

Columbia is getting close to releasing more info (including the cover art!) for Love is the Answer. This morning I bring you the track list from the single (1 CD) version of the album — including track times.

1. Here's To Life (Orchestra Version)   4:35                        
  2. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (Orchestra Version)   4:02                        
  3. Gentle Rain (Orchestra Version)   4:19                        
  4. If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas) (Orchestra Version)   4:14                        
  5. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most (Orchestra Version)   4:32                        
  6. Make Someone Happy (Orchestra Version)   4:08                        
  7. Where Do You Start? (Orchestra Version)   4:26                        
  8. A Time For Love (Orchestra Version)   5:12                        
  9. Here's That Rainy Day (Orchestra Version)   5:04                        
10. Love Dance (Orchestra Version)   4:43                        
11. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Orchestra Version)   4:22                        
12. Some Other Time (Orchestra Version)   4:43                        
13. You Must Believe In Spring (Orchestra Version)   4:04                        

Pre-Order the 1-CD album at >>

Pre-Order the Deluxe Edition (2-CD) album at >>

July 31, 2009

Krall & “Love is the Answer”

Diana Krall's official website has an interesting blurb posted:

Krall [...] is also the producer and pianist behind the eagerly awaited new studio album from Barbra Streisand called Love Is The Answer (available September 29 on Columbia Records). This marks the first time that Krall has produced a record for other artists.

Also, it's interesting to note Krall's tour schedule, which is quite extensive. She seems to have a small window of free time, however, from August 31 to September 13. On the 14th of September, she's due in Europe and pretty much tours non-stop until December.

I'm wondering if any Streisand publicity with Krall (talk shows, pre-taped interviews, etc.) will be filmed during that early-September window since Krall is seemingly available.

July 30, 2009

Jane Fonda Hears Album + Unreleased Tracks

Ahhh, the power of Twitter and Blogs ... Ms. Jane Fonda twitted and blogged about her evening at Barbra Streisand's house. FYI, Ms. Fonda is currently dating Richard Perry — who produced some of Barbra's 1970s albums like Stoney End, Live Concert at the Forum, and Barbra Joan Streisand.

Fonda wrote on her blog:

Last night we had dinner at Barbra Streisand’s home. I’m tempted to say her “new home” cause she got it since I last went to a home of hers, but she’s had it for more than a dozen years and, like all her previous places, it has her unique stamp of perfection, coziness, enormous architectural detail and originality–all her doing. She designs and decorates just about as brilliantly as she performs. I had never met her husband, James Brolin, and it was wonderful seeing what a down-to-earth, good person he is–and gorgeous to boot. The President of Berklee College of Music, Roger Brown, and I enjoyed finding out about the place that seems to teach and train a huge swath of the most talented people in all (and I mean All) branches of music. I also met Samantha, Barbra’s Coton de Tulear. It’s because of Barbra bringing her pooch onto Oprah’s show that inspired me to get my Tulea. Sam has all the endearing qualities of Tulea (almost) but her hair is curly.

The end of the evening found us all sitting on the floor Barbra’s bathroom listening to a few cuts from her soon-to-be-released album (Diana Krall produced) and some songs from albums she and Richard did years ago that James had never heard.

July 27, 2009

Official Press Release: Tracks

The complete official release is on Streisand's official site.

The complete track listing for Love Is The Answer will feature:

1. "Here's To Life" (Artie Butler/Phyllis Molinary)

2. "In The Wee Small Hours" (Bob Hilliard/David Mann)

3. "Gentle Rain" (Luiz Bonfa/Matt Dubey)

4. "If You Go Away" (Jacques Brel/Rod McKuen)

5. "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most" (Tommy Wolf/Fran Landesman)

6. "Make Someone Happy" (Jule Styne/Betty Comden/Adolph Green)

7. "Where Do You Start?"(Johnny Mandel/Alan Bergman/Marilyn Bergman)

8. "A Time For Love" (Johnny Mandel/Paul Francis Webster)

9. "Here's That Rainy Day" (Johnny Burke/Jimmy Van Heusen)

10. "Love Dance" (Ivan Lins/Gilson Peranzzetta with English lyrics by Paul Williams)

11. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" (Jerome Kern/Otto Harbach)

12. "Some Other Time" (Leonard Bernstein/Betty Comden/Adolph Green)

13. Bonus Track - "You Must Believe In Spring" (Michel Legrand/Alan & Marilyn Bergman)

The deluxe version of Love Is The Answer is a two-disc package that features the Johnny Mandel arranged orchestra versions on disc one and quartet counterparts on disc two featuring Barbra accompanied only by quartet (piano, bass, guitar & drums).

Disc Two (Deluxe Edition) Tracks:

(Vocal With Quartet)

1. "Here's To Life" (Artie Butler/Phyllis Molinary)

2. "In The Wee Small Hours" (Bob Hilliard/David Mann)

3. "Gentle Rain" (Luiz Bonfa/Matt Dubey)

4. "If You Go Away" (Jacques Brel/Rod McKuen)

5. "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most" (Tommy Wolf/Fran Landesman)

6. "Make Someone Happy" (Jule Styne/Betty Comden/Adolph Green)

7. "Where Do You Start?"(Johnny Mandel/Alan Bergman/Marilyn Bergman)

8. "A Time For Love" (Johnny Mandel/Paul Francis Webster)

9. "Here's That Rainy Day" (Johnny Burke/Jimmy Van Heusen)

10. "Love Dance" (Ivan Lins/Gilson Peranzzetta with English lyrics by Paul Williams)

11. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" (Jerome Kern/Otto Harbach)

12. "Some Other Time" (Leonard Bernstein/Betty Comden/Adolph Green)

July 25, 2009

More on Those Orchestra/Quartet Deluxe Edition Songs

Barbra Archives hears that, on the Deluxe Edition of Love is the Answer, the first CD contains the Diana Krall-produced tracks with some strings and other instruments laid on top of the original quartet tracks.

Barbra reportedly liked the stripped down, 4-piece tracks so much that she decided to include those on the second CD of the Deluxe Edition.

Obviously, all the tracks are finalized and approved by both Streisand and Diana Krall.

July 24, 2009

Deluxe Love is the Answer

The description over at Amazon has been updated and now says the Deluxe Edition of this album is:

Interesting ... but unconfirmed, too.

July 7, 2009

More About “Love is the Answer”

Barbra Archives has some more scoop! Here's some tidbits about the album ...

July 6, 2009

More Songs

Barbra Archives has heard about some more of the songs on Streisand's new album, Love is the Answer, which is due in stores on September 29th.

This list is unofficial, however, there is a new electronic press kit circulating for the new album, including a video interview with Streisand talking about the album and its new songs. (Yes, there's a publicity photo of Krall and Streisand, too!)

These songs are in no particular order ...

Other songs previously reported to be on the album were:

More rumored tidbits about the album:

June 22, 2009

Columbia Records Announces the Release of 'Love Is The Answer,' the New Studio Album of Jazz-Flavored Classics & Standards by Barbra Streisand

NEW YORK, June 22 -- Columbia Records proudly announces the release of Love Is The Answer, the eagerly-awaited new studio album from Barbra Streisand, available everywhere on Tuesday, September 29.

The first full-length collection of new studio recordings from eight-time Grammy award winner Barbra Streisand since 2005's Guilty Pleasures, and first new Barbra Streisand album since Live In Concert 2006, Love Is The Answer presents the artist as a cabaret and jazz singer of emotional clarity, depth and maturity, offering the listener a warm and intimate selection of late night meditations on love's powers, heartbreaks and solaces.

Love Is The Answer provided an opportunity for Streisand to work for the first time with the Grammy-winning Canadian jazz artist Diana Krall (piano) and her quartet (guitar, bass, drums) who brought a refined and sensual poignancy to the album's spare and subtle accompaniments.

Rounding out the album's smoky after hours ambience with his sublime orchestrations is the legendary songwriter ("The Shadow of Your Smile") and Grammy-winning arranger Johnny Mandel (who worked with Streisand on her 1993 Back to Broadway album and arranged/co-produced Krall's 1998 Grammy-winning When I Look In Your Eyes).

According to the RIAA, Barbra Streisand is the #1 best selling female recording artist in history and the only woman to make the Top 10 all time best selling artists list, which includes Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Over the course of her career, Streisand has recorded 50 gold, 30 platinum and 13 multi-platinum albums. An artist of unparalleled accomplishments in multiple entertainment fields, Streisand has made her mark as an award winning actress of stage and screen, recording artist, concert performer, movie producer, film director, screenwriter and songwriter. Having earned two Oscars (Best Actress and Best Song), five Emmys, 11 Golden Globes, 10 Grammys including the Grammy Lifetime Achievement and Grammy Legend Awards, a special Tony Award (in 1970 as "Star of the Decade"), two Cable Ace and three Peabody awards, she is the only performer to hold honors from all of those institutions. In addition, Streisand is a recipient of the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award, America's National Medal of Arts and France's Legion of Honor. In December 2008 she became the first female director to receive the prestigious Kennedy Center Honor.

Barbra-Archives note: "Love is the answer" is a quote from the lyric to Jule Styne's song, “Make Someone Happy” ("...Love is the answer, Someone to love is the answer...")

May 20, 2009

Ross & Streisand to Duet?

New York Village Voice gossip man, Michael Musto, is claiming that his sources tell him Diana Ross will record a duet with Barbra Streisand for inclusion on her forthcoming Diana Krall-produced album.

Diana Ross and Supremes Sing Funny Girl

File this one under RUMOR, until further notice.

May 7, 2009

More Krall on Streisand Album

Diana Krall was interviewed by, and revealed some new info about the forthcoming Barbra Streisand album she produced:

“[Barbra] did a tremendous job,” says Krall, “and it sounds amazing to hear her in such an organic setting. It was a much different process for her, so we had to find a middle ground where she felt comfortable. But it was great, because we did some vocals live with orchestra, and some with quartet—a whole sequence of just her vocals and quartet, which I love. And I sent her a Tony Bennett/Bill Evans record, so she did ‘You Must Believe in Spring’, which is just stunning, with Bill Charlap at the piano. But I had to really talk her into not putting strings on it.

“I’m really proud of this record, and she should be, too,” she adds. “I’ve heard she’s very happy with it, so that makes me happy.”

The same article includes the most detailed explanation I think Krall has given to date about how she got involved in Streisand's new album in the first place:

“I was pregnant and I was at a small dinner party where Barbra was also there. She was just about to start a tour, and she said, ‘I need some inspiration. I need some song ideas.’ And, you know, I like to make mixed tapes, so I sent her some songs that I thought might be interesting for her.”

Krall’s choices were astute enough that Streisand and her people made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Naturally, she said yes—with some caveats.

“We had a dinner meeting and they said they really wanted to work with me, and I said, ‘Then we’re just going to make it the way I know how to make records.’ ”

By the way, it looks like Streisand's album — the title has not been revealed yet — will most likely be released this Fall. (This is unofficial, and just a rumor at this point!)

Also, forgot to mention it below, but isn't it entirely possible that Jule Styne's song, “Make Someone Happy”, which Streisand sang live during her Obama fundraiser last September, will be on the new album?

April 19, 2009

Krall Talks 'Spring'

Diana Krall spilled some more about the Streisand album she produced to CNN:

Krall: ... I just am so thrilled with her performance on this album. [She gives] one of the most incredible performances I think of her career on a song called "You Must Believe in Spring" with a great pianist from New York named Phil Charlap. It's just piano and voice and it's so incredibly stunning. She said to me, "Maybe it needs some strings or something." I said "Don't touch it! Just leave it! It's gorgeous!" It's been great working artist to artist and we had a lot of fun. We played cards. So when there were moments in the studio where there was something technical that had to be fixed, we'd deal the cards and we'd play gin rummy, which I'm lousy at. Thank goodness.

CNN: This is the first album you've produced for another artist. Way to choose somebody really small to start off with.

Krall: She chose me! I had a few phone calls and it was a little daunting, but it was a great experience and really, really intense, as you would expect it to be.

April 12, 2009

Even More Quotes from Krall

Diana Krall, interviewed in the press for her bossa nova album Quiet Nights, has revealed more about working with Streisand on her forthcoming album.

In this April 12 interview with the Edmonton Sun, Krall apparently revealed names of songs that Streisand recorded.

This is a SPOILER ALERT, in case you want to be surprised about songs on the album. I'll give you a countdown from 5 (scroll down to reveal the quote and names of the songs ....)







I said, 'Are you interested in doing a record the way I make records? Because this is the only way I know how to make records is we do it pretty much live.' And she was like, 'Yeah, absolutely.' "

Krall said they started listening to music together at Streisand's house and Barbra -- who is a fan of such jazz greats as Shirley Horn and Nancy Wilson -- wound up recording songs like Here's to Life, Where do You Start, Love Dance, and You Must Believe in Spring.

"She did a couple of songs just with piano which I think are just brilliant. And my job is to make sure she's happy and comfortable and inspired in what she's doing. That I'm not taking her out of something that's so far from (her) reality. I'm trying to just like strip things down a little bit."

And while Streisand lived up to her reputation -- "she is tough, she is a perfectionist, all true," said Krall -- the two women had a grand time together both in and out of the studio.

"One of my favourite moments with her was when we played cards," said Krall. "We playing gin rummy together in the studio. We had been planning on playing cards at her house but so far we've watched movies there and things like that."

Still, it seems a shame that they never wound up recording a duet together.

"We were planning on a duet, we were trying to find the right tune, and our schedules are so insane that I don't know when we can find a moment to do that, if we can, then we will, but I don't think it's necessary. I think it's her album. I don't have to be singing on it. And I know some people will say, 'Well, that's not right.' But it's a beautiful album and it's about her."

Here's some notes on these songs, which makes them even more interesting!

In addition to these songs, Streisand has also reportedly recorded Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most and In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning.

Barbra Archives has heard what the album will be titled, but it's very possible that could or has changed. Look for the name of the album to be very simple, much like The Broadway Album or The Movie Album. (You know how Barbra likes no-nonsense, descriptive titles!)

On April 9, this tidbit was revealed to USA Today:

Krall describes the resulting disc, expected later this year, as "a really honest, beautiful record, with a very organic feel. There's one song with just a piano and her voice that is absolutely stunning."
Krall also spoke to the Canadian women's magazine, Chatelaine:

M: You’ve also recently worked with Barbra Streisand. What can we expect from the final result?

D: It’s a really beautiful record. We’ve chosen different songs for her, a combination of standards and bossa nova, plus some very challenging adult songs and she’s really passionate about them. She worked so hard. We wanted to find songs that were art-meets-commercial, that mean something to her, that tell a story about a woman who is her age, and I think that was accomplished. It’s been quite an extraordinary thing to be part of, and I’m learning a lot.

M: Do you sing with her on this?

D: No. We couldn’t find the right tune and we’re still thinking of that, trying to find the right one.

March 28, 2009

More Krall Quotes

Diana Krall is doing press for her new album, Quiet Nights—due March 31. Look for more quotes in the near future as she talks about working with Streisand on the forthcoming album. Krall is scheduled to appear on Live with Regis and Kelly this week as well.

In this interview, Krall spoke about being a first-time album producer with Ms. Streisand:

"I didn't start easy. I didn't start with a young new artist. I'm working with an icon who's a very, very incredible woman – accomplished, Academy Awards, and an actor as well as a singer," she says.

"It was really incredible to work with her . . . and to play piano, work on the arrangements with her. She went a little bit out of her norm for the last few years and worked with a band that I work with. So we made a record in a similar way that I do. It's been very gratifying, I think, for both of us because we're both doing new things."

March 27, 2009

Krall & Streisand Sequencing

In an interview with USA Today, Diana Krall spoke about the status of the new Streisand album:

I just produced Barbra Streisand’s record and we’re in the process of sequencing right now.

Krall is referring to sequencing of songs on the album, which is an art in and of itself. The right sequence of songs creates the mood of the album, and Krall and Streisand will surely pay close attention to this.

February 5, 2009

Streisand Mentions Songs in YENTL Article

It sounds like Barbra's Diana Krall-produced album is still a work in progress.

Barbra Streisand, in an interview with USA Today, told the interviewer the names of two songs she's recorded for the album .... “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most” and “In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning”. Streisand sang "Spring" on the television program, PM East, circa 1962. It was included on Just For the Record. Barbra recorded a version of "Wee Small Hours", which was paired with "When You Gotta Go", during her Las Vegas show in 1969.

Here is a quote from the article:

...She is working on a new album produced by jazz singer/pianist Diana Krall, with musicians from Krall's band, due this year.

"This is (Krall's) first time producing," says Streisand, 66, who is executive producer. "She's so good at what she does, and I like her so much as a person. We're working with a small group, like I did when I was a young performer." Tracks in progress include standards such as Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most and In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning.

Barbra was also interviewed for YENTL by the Associated Press. They asked her about the new album:

AP: Diana Krall is producing your new album. Is she also singing on it?

Streisand: I'm trying to convince her to sing with me, but she's resisting it. She plays the piano for me on several songs, but it's not over yet. I'm still working on her to try to do a duet with me. ... We have to find the right song.

January 15, 2009

Krall Album Commitment Keeps Barbra From Inauguration

Streisand's publicist's office confirmed to Barbra Archives today that “Diana Krall’s schedule was such that there was only a two week window for her to record the album with Barbra.  Barbra was without choice to follow her heart to D.C.”

In addition, a clarifying item by Liz Smith was run in her column today:

BARBRA STREISAND? You won't see her at any of the Inauguration functions -- though she was most certainly asked to appear! But she and Diana Krall will watch the ceremonies from a recording studio in L.A. where they're working feverishly on Barbra's new album. Diana is producing with her trio. They are toiling like crazy in a limited two-week time period that unfortunately coincides with Washington's festivities. Barbra says she is happy she could do her L.A. fund-raiser for the president-elect and even though she won't be in D.C. on Tuesday, he knows her heart is there along with 300 million other Americans.

January 7, 2009

More Preliminary Tidbits About Album

Over at Craig Hall's Barbra Streisand Forum, the following was revealed:

December 30, 2008

Details {Spoilers!} on New Album

Barbra Archives heard a few tidbits about Streisand's new album today. There are spoilers (i.e. names of songs) below, so proceed with caution after the countdown from 6 ...







So... here's what we've heard:

There is no release date or title for the new album yet. It's possible the album may be released in May 2009.

December 21, 2008

Krall Booking Orchestra, Tracking Budgets

Diana Krall spoke with the Vancouver Sun and mentioned the Streisand album project:

She has also been in L.A. producing a new album for Barbra Streisand.

The collaboration with Streisand started when Krall was pregnant. “She’d come to some of my gigs and mentioned that she needed inspiration for her tour, so I started sending her CDs.”

Streisand surprised Krall at her Madison Square Garden concert in 2006 when she dedicated the song Down With Love to her. The shout-out turned the heads of audience members Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O’Donnell.

Krall shakes her head, incredulous. “I mean I’m just this girl from Nanaimo, and I’m pregnant, out to here with the twins. And then I got the phone call asking me to work with her.”

She was so stunned, she says she didn’t call back. At least not right away. She had to absorb it. But soon she was down at Streisand’s house, playing songs on her piano. Now she’s booking orchestra times, tracking budgets.

“Cool, eh?” says Krall, who is suddenly just the girl from Nanaimo again, as surprised as anyone at the thought.

“We speak to each other as women, as moms. She’s someone I really admire. We talk about art and architecture and design and clothes. The normal things.”

December 08, 2008

Diana Krall to release Brazilian jazz record

In an interview with AP's Scott Bauer, Diana Krall spoke about her new Brazilian jazz album, Quiet Nights, to be released on March 31, 2009. Krall will record with a quartet. The album will be produced by Tommy LiPuma, and Claus Ogerman will contribute arrangements. Both LiPuma and Ogerman are former Streisand record colleagues. LiPuma worked on The Way We Were, and Ogerman conducted Barbra's Las Vegas shows in the 70s, and also produced her Classical Barbra album.

The information about Krall's album has nothing to do with Streisand's new album, but it is interesting to note the Six Degrees of Separation in the recording studio!

As for working with Streisand, the Bauer interview included this tidbit of information:

In addition to finishing "Quiet Nights," Krall is producing a new Barbra Streisand record that is slated to be completed in January and released sometime in 2009.

December 7, 2008

New Album Theme?

In an interview with Peter Marks for the Washington Post about her Kennedy Center award, Streisand commented briefly about the new Diana Krall-produced album:

No theme, she avers, "just songs that I like."

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