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The news below is from 2007 and has been archived here on this page.

December 23, 2007

Streisand Television Special on NBC [unconfirmed]

Let's file this one under "unconfirmed" ...

It looks as if Barbra's concert special (filmed in Florida in 2006) will debut on NBC.

However ... as previously reported, the special will most likely be edited to 1 hour in length (which is actually about 43 minutes in "TV Time", which includes time for commercials).

The complete special, as far as Barbra-Archives knows, will still be released on DVD. One would assume that the DVD release would follow the TV airing.

There is no air date announced officially yet. As previously reported, look for the special in mid-February, possibly March 2008.

December 6, 2007

Barbra's Grammy Nom

Congratulations, Barbra, on your Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. The nominees in that category are:

The 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be held on Feb. 10, 2008, at Staples Center in Los Angeles and once again will be broadcast live in high definition TV and 5.1 surround sound on CBS from 8 – 11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

November 29, 2007

Yentl on DVD in 2008?

2008 is the 25th anniversary of Barbra Streisand's directorial debut, Yentl.

Yentl is is the only Streisand film never released on DVD. Barbra has admitted that she's worked on the DVD over the years, including recording commentary during the filming of MEET THE FOCKERS. She also made several comments about the DVD when she appeared on OPRAH AFTER THE SHOW in 2003.

Barbra-Archives can confirm that Streisand recently sat in front of a camera to film footage that will be used on the Yentl DVD — most likely an interview to be utilized in a featurette (like the documentary "A Look Back" on The Way We Were DVD).

There is no official announcement nor date for Yentl at this point. Stay tuned ...

November 29, 2007

Streisand Endorses Hillary Clinton

Streisand Hillary

Barbra Streisand, who hedged her bets months ago with donations to Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards, has settled on one presidential candidate. It's Hillary Clinton. "Madame President of the United States . . . it's an extraordinary thought," Streisand said in a statement released on 11/27/07.

November 18, 2007

Streisand Sings Live in Vegas

Streisand on Vegas stage

On November 16th, Barbra, James Brolin, Richard Jay Alexander, Jay Landers, and Barbra's assistant Renata attended the 10pm performace of Cirque du Soleil's The Beatles LOVE at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

On Saturday, November 17th, Barbra sang in concert.

Craig Dickson attended Barbra's performance at the Planet Hollywood opening and wrote the following for Barbra-Archives: 7:30pm: Red Carpet Arrivals from LV Blvd 8:30pm: TPA Lobby Reception 9:30-11pm: Kevin Pollack opening act for very special guest Barbra Streisand; private performance:

7:30pm: Red Carpet Arrivals from LV Blvd

8:30pm: TPA Lobby Reception

9:30-11pm: Kevin Pollack opening act for very special guest Barbra Streisand; private performance:

As the audience filed into their seats at Planet Hollywood's Theatre for the Performing Arts, I heard Here We Are At Last playing playing over the house sound system. Then I realized Barbra's own composition, Two People, was being played, and it was either the soundtrack to Nuts or a recreation of it. It was playing so softly. Ruby, the old standard Barbra used in The Mirror Has Two Faces, came next, then Hideaway and Above the Law, all instrumentals.

The show began 1/2 hour late, with Kevin Pollack playing to a pretty uninterested audience. Who could carry off an opening act to Barbra? Robert Earl, the founder of Planet Hollywood, came on stage and after a few brief moments introduced Barbra.

Her concert tour conductor, Bill Ross, came on stage and the orchestra began. No overture, simply Barbra, gliding into the spotlight from stage left, dressed in the black dress with the black wrap that she wore in Berlin. I wish I had been closer to see her face clearly, but I was pretty far back. I could tell she wore a sparkling necklace. My camera phone gave out after a minute during her first song, The Way We Were, so I have no pictures at all. She sounded relaxed, and after that song she commented that she usually does some patter and talks it up a bit, but because of the writers' strike, she had nothing to say! That was not completely true, of couse, because she mentioned how she had picked up a cold from her husband. After she sang her second song, Come Rain or Come Shine, it was apparent when she hit the high, strong notes she was pretty hoarse. She waved hello to Sly Stone in the front row, and when a trio of girls traipsed in late down front she told them to get in their seats, but nicely.

She talked about how she writes a few songs each decade, usually for her movie projects, and I knew Evergreen was up next, and I was right. It was a beautiful version, but her hoarseness didn't let up. After Evergreen, she stated, "I love dogs," and mentioned Sadie being on the cover of her Songbird album, and how she has Samantha now, who was named after Sammy, who had to be put down the day before she recorded Smile, which was her next song. It was so sweet and lovely.

She mentioned Funny Girl, and the audience responded. (The bars in the lobby were actually serving a drink called a Funny Girl in her honor tonight, so of course I had to try it. It was Grey Goose Pear vodka, sake and sweet and sour mix. Pretty unusual.)

But back to Barbra! She sang her Funny Girl medley that she did in the concert tour: Funny Girl, The Music That Makes Me Dance, and My Man. No People! I was surprised at that. Maybe she dropped it at the last minute because by now her voice was pretty rough. She bowed and made to exit after My Man but stayed on stage, conferred with Bill Ross for a few seconds, then sang Don't Rain On My Parade. I thought she was done at that point, but she wished everyone a happy holiday season and told us all to eat turkey, and wished us luck at the gaming tables. Her last song was her signature song, which she preceded with an optimistic comment about the future, and then sang Happy Days Are Here Again. The audience didn't wait for an encore, and they didn't get one. That was it.

So ... no new songs, but I was glad she sang more than three! Nine! I didn't expect that many. I'm pretty exhausted now, it's 2 a.m. and I hope I remembered everything. It'll be interesting to see the local reviews in the morning papers. I hope there are pictures!

Streisand backstage

In this photo provided by Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, celebrities meet with Barbra Streisand following her private performance for the grand opening of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Saturday, Nov. 17, 2007. Pictured, back row left to right, Sylvester Stallone, James Brolin, Tracey Edmonds, Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Spacey, Ashton Kutcher. Front row left to right, Rhea Perman, Danny DeVito, Barbra Streisand, and Demi Moore. (AP Photo/Albert Ferreira, Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino)

November 12, 2007

Schapiro's Heroes

Schapiro's Heroes

Barbra-Archives would like to alert you to a new book, Schapiro's Heroes, "an extraordinary collection of stories in photo-journalistic tradition of people who have shaped our lives, our politics, and our tastes by the celebrated documentarian Steve Schapiro."

Here's an excerpt from the book >>

Streisand fans will certainly recognize Schapiro's name. He has photographed Streisand *many* times over the years. His photos graced the Forum album; he did the publicity photographs for Funny Lady; he shot Barbra in her "gypsy" clothes at her Malibu ranch; and that's his photograph of Barbra on the cover of Lazy Afternoon.

I am told that in the new book Barbra is "represented as one of his ten iconic heroes he photographed" and that Schapiro's Heroes also contains "some pictures of Barbra that have never been published before, along with images of Muhammad Ali, Warhol, RFK, Martin Luther King, Ray Charles, Truman Capote, etc."

Order at >>

November 7, 2007

Streisand Sings for Single Women Voters

October 31, 2007

Streisand Sings at Private Party

According to Variety, Barbra will appear "at a private party to celebrate the opening of the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas on Nov. 17." The party is part of three days of celebrations for the opening of the resort. "We are throwing the biggest party Las Vegas has ever seen and we are excited about our entertainment line-up," said Robert Earl, co-chairman of the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

October 30, 2007

Streisand DVD in 08?

Let's file this under RUMOR ... However, this, apparently, is how 2008 is going to shape up for Streisand:

This information is NOT official; and it is unconfirmed. But it might just be what Barbra plans to do, come 2008.

October 26, 2007

DVD Special

Editing has been completed on the DVD version of Barbra's 2006 concert. The DVD is expected to be released in February 2008. A television version of the concert is also scheduled to air, but no network or air date has been chosen yet. The TV special will be an edited version of the DVD (much like TIMELESS in 2001).

October 20, 2007

Ramone: “Making Records”

Phil Ramone, the noted music producer, has written a book about his life in the business. Streisand is referenced, as Ramone has worked with her since 1967's Central Park concert. "Making Records" is available by clicking the ad below.

You can watch video of Mr. Ramone over at Border's site. Make sure to click on "Central Park" to see what he says about working with Barbra in 1967.

Order the book at here >>

October 17, 2007

Streisand in L'uomo Vogue

Vogue cover

A photograph of Streisand backstage with her dog appears in the October 2007 Italian version of Men's Vogue ("L'uomo Vogue"). (Michael Jackson appears on its cover).

Singer Bryan Adams (Barbra's duet partner on "I Finall Found Someone") took the photograph of Streisand (he attended her London concert, so this photo is, most likely, backstage at the O2). Adams is also a noted photographer.

Streisand by Adams

September 16, 2007

Streisand Tour: Asia, AU & NZ

More on those Asia tour rumors ... this article was sent in by Mark Bliss (from Australia Barbra Streisand Association):

[...] [Streisand] has signalled a preference for New Zealand dates over Australia. Promoter Andrew McManus has asked Streisand's management team about the possibility of local dates. "They said she wants to play markets she did not perform on her last tour," he said. "Hence New Zealand this time and not Australia." Streisand's tour director confirmed, through Mr Jacobsen, the Grammy winning performer has Asia in her sights. "She is throwing around ideas and looking in that direction," Mr Jacobsen said. "But there is nothing definite." Mr Jacobsen believes Streisand's latest tour will command more than $20 million for four shows. He said she also wants to avoid clashes with Celine Dion's 2008 world tour.

August 23, 2007

One Last Great Film?

The following story is from WENN News ...

Barbra Streisand is planning one more major movie venture after she completes work on her home in California.

The actress/director's husband James Brolin reveals Streisand is planning a big screen comeback once she has the time to devote to such a project.

He tells WENN, "She is currently producing and directing a house and you can't get her attention until eight o'clock at night.

"As soon as she's finished with that I think she's got one more great picture in her. I'm not sure what that's about but I know it will be a poignant subject."

And Brolin admits his wife of eight years is still a little upset she never got the chance to make a great AIDS love story she was planning. [B-A note: THE NORMAL HEART].

He explains, "She wanted to do an AIDS love story at one time and the time was really right, but then the Tom Hanks picture (Philadelphia) came out and it didn't happen.

"It's too bad that her film wasn't done on a low budget."

august 19, 2007

BJS in Autograph Magazine

Autograph magazine

Barbra appears on the cover of Autograph Collector Magazine for the month of Aug/Sept 07. Inside the magazine is an article called "Boxing with Barbra" by Lawrence Grobel, who is the author of the infamous Playboy interview with Streisand.

You can order a copy online at the Autograph Collector website.

You can also read an excerpt from the article online at the magazine's website.

August 15, 2007

The Brolins at Premiere

Brolin premiere

Barbra attended the premiere of husband James Brolin's newest film. Director Richard Shepard, James Brolin, Barbra Streisand and Terrence Howard are pictured at 'The Hunting Party' reception hosted by The Weinstein Co. held at the Landmark Theatre on August 15, 2007 in Westwood, California. (Photos by Eric Charbonneau/WireImage).

Streisand at premiere

July, 2007

Streisand Photos: Europe

Here are photos of Streisand in Capri during the July 4th weekend, as well as some cute photos of Streisand in Capri taking Samantha out on a boat. A lot of Streisand's trip was documented by a friend with a video camera. Whether fans will see some of this footage on the forthcoming DVD is probably up to Streisand. But if you were touring Europe, wouldn't you want home movies too??!


(Photo, above): Barbra is talking to Diane VonFurstenberg. Jason Gould is directly across from her and James. Barbra fanned herself throughout dinner and Samantha had a chair perched between Barbra and James.

Streisand and Samantha in boat

July 2007

Asia, South America Tour Rumors & DVD Update

From a reliable source: Barbra is planning to tour Asia and South America.....

Also ... the rumor that was reported on "Page Six" in the NY Post a few months ago (that Barbra would wrap up her tour with shows in New York) is completely untrue.

The DVD of the concert (filmed in hi-def, widescreen in Florida in 2006) is due Christmas 2007. Producers filmed documentary footage of Barbra in Europe, which could be included on the DVD (probably as a bonus featurette). The DVD will include "Stoney End" (the same version on the Target CD) and the Bush skit.

Other bonus items ("Woman in the Moon" ??, Rosie O'Donnell's "Stalking Streisand" documentary) are not announced at this point.

The DVD has a "Happening in Central Park" feel to it ... with lots of shots of the audience (people who attended the Florida concert should look for themselves!), including shots of audience members singing along during "Stoney End".

June 2, 2007

“Putting It” Prepped

Barbra Archives has learned that Streisand's 1986 HBO television special, Putting It Together: The Making of the Broadway Album, is being prepared for its DVD debut by Warner Reprise, which released Barbra's first five television specials on DVD in 2005.

Currently there is no firm release date, although it's possible the special will be in stores by November 2007.

May 31, 2007

Parade Costume Sold at Auction

Parade costume

Barbra's orange "Don't Rain on My Parade" costume worn in 1968's "Funny Girl" went for $33,600 at an auction at Christies. According to the catalog description, "A two-piece costume of orange wool, comprising: a sleeveless gown with layered skirt and a frock coat-style jacket with nehru collar and button fastening..."

May 18, 2007

Charting “Live in Concert 2006”

Live in Concert CD

From the official press release:


New Barbra Streisand Collection Is Artist's 29th Top 10 Album

Seven is proving to be a lucky number for Barbra Streisand this week as her new album, "Live In Concert 2006" becomes the 7th Barbra Streisand album to debut in the Top 10 and enters the Billboard Top 200 best-selling albums chart at #7 (with 60,211 units sold, according to SoundScan).

With a total of 29 Top 10 albums to her credit since 1963, Barbra Streisand has had albums reach the Top 10 (or better) in every decade since the 1960s and has the widest span (44 years) between first and latest Top 10 albums of any female recording artist. Her very first solo album, "The Barbra Streisand Album," reached #8 in 1963 while "The Second Barbra Streisand Album" peaked at #2 that same year. She holds the record for most Top 10 albums of any female recording artist and is #4 overall (following the Rolling Stones with 36, Sinatra with 33 and the Beatles with 30).

May 16, 2007

Gibb Tribute, DVD News

Barbra participated in the BMI Pop Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

From Planet Gossip/Marc Malkin's column today:

During the Bee Gees tribute, I commented to a friend that it was a shame that Barbra Streisand couldn't be there to perform "Guilty" with Barry Gibb. But then seconds later, BMI president and CEO Del Bryant surprised the Saturday Night Fever legends—they were honored with the Icon Award—with a phone call from Ms. Babs. Unfortunately, she couldn't be there because she was stuck in a recording studio working overtime to finish her next concert DVD before she embarks on her European tour. But she wanted to make sure to congratulate them. She reminisced, "Barry, can you believe it's been 27 years since we made 'Guilty'?"

May 11, 2007

Streisand #4 in Celebrity Donations

As reported this week in People magazine, The Giving Back Fund has compiled a list of the celebrities who have made the largest personal public donations to charity in 2006.

Barbra Streisand was #4, behind Oprah, Geoffrey Beene, and Jack and Marie Lord.

Last year, Barbra donated $11,750,000 through her Streisand Foundation, which contributes funds to numerous civil liberties, environmental, and civil rights organizations "dedicated to democratic values".

May 2, 2007

Unpublished Photo in Davis Jr. Book

Sammy Davis book

An unpublished photograph of Barbra Streisand and her then-husband Elliott Gould appears in the recently published book, Photo by Sammy Davis, Jr. (Hardcover) by Burt Boyar.

You can order Photo by Sammy Davis, Jr. at

May 2, 2007 Redesigned

Barbra's official site was redesigned and relaunched. Check out

Streisand website

(Photo, above) Streisand's old (left) and new (right) website.

April 30, 1997

First Tour of Continental Europe

It was announced today that Barbra Streisand, who received rave reviews for her US tour, will perform live in Continental Europe this June and July for the very first time in her celebrated career. She will also perform her first concert in London since 1994. The European tour, which her many fans have been eagerly anticipating for years, visits Austria, France, Ireland and the UK and follows her record-breaking US tour last autumn. More tour dates in additional countries will be announced shortly. This rare opportunity to see Barbra Streisand makes these concerts the most eagerly anticipated of the year.

April 27, 2007

Barbra at Opening Night

Streisand and Brooks

Barbra attended the Los Angeles Antique Show Opening Night Preview Party to Benefit Charity Partner P.S. ARTS on April 25th. She's pictured above with Kimberly Brooks.

Gossip writer Janet Charlton reported:

"Barbra looked slim and fabulous—at least 20 years younger than her age. She wore black riding boots with leggings tucked in, with a black wrap and tie sweater, glasses, and she let her hair kind of cover her face. As long as she whispered, few people recognized her. Those that did were reverential and didn't bother her and we loved watching her shop. She enthusiastically photographed some primitive art pieces that cost $1800, tried on some vintage jewelry, and ended up buying a petite late 1800's end table (worth around $10,000)..."

April 25, 2007

European Concert Tour

The official announcement has not been made yet. Stay tuned for a list of all dates, cities, and venues (Paris and Nice are rumored to be concert cities...).

TV Special

Here's a brief update on the television special of Barbra's concert tour, which was filmed during her Florida shows (with pickups done at the L.A. shows) last year ... Sources tell me that the show is still being edited. Barbra's attention to the show will be diverted when she visits some European cities this summer (it's still not official yet! Wait....). So don't expect the special until at least Fall 2007.

April 20, 2007

Barbra Hosts


Pelosi and Streisand

Barbra Streisand opened her Malibu estate April 12 to host the first Los Angeles event honoring her friend Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. The event, attended by 120 invited guests who paid $25,000 to $50,000 a couple, raised $1,300,000 for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). The fundraiser was in support of the DCCC's efforts to increase the party’s majority in the House of Representatives in the 2008 elections.

At the gala dinner, the artist/activist welcomed such celebrity Democratic supporters as Eva Longoria, Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Michaels, David Foster, Kenny G, Josh Groban, Marilyn and Alan Bergman, Amy Benneman, JJ Abrams, Dick Van Dyke and Nita Whitaker, with Foster, Etheridge, Kenny G, Groban, classical pianist Tara Kamangar and Whitaker featured in musical performance. Among the notable political activists present were Norman and Lyn Lear, Cindy and Alan Horn and Mary and Steven Swig.

Democratic members of the House of Representatives attending were Congresspersons Hilda Solis, Chris Van Hollen, Xavier Becerra, Loretta Sanchez, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Brad Sherman and Henry Waxman.

In 1986, Ms. Streisand hosted a fundraiser at her prior Malibu estate, the famed “One Voice” concert, which earned $1.2 million to support the Democratic Party’s effort to reclaim majority in the United States Senate, a campaign which did that by electing five new Democrats to the body. Subsequent broadcast and record and DVD sales of the artist’s concert that evening have brought in an additional $11 million which her Streisand Foundation directed to major charitable and social causes she supports.

The seated dinner and program, which was tented, followed a cocktail reception in Ms. Streisand’s garden.

April 17, 2007

Barbra & National Breast Cancer Fund

From USA Today:

Barbra Streisand, Sharon Stone and Brooke Shields turned out at a cocktail party Monday night to hear former President Bill Clinton talk about cancer. Specifically, Clinton spoke about how health care advances and The National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund can eradicate breast cancer, the disease that claimed his mother, Virginia Clinton Kelley, in 1994.
Clinton and Streisand

(Photo, above by Alex Berliner): The National Breast Cancer Coalition's Fran Visco, left, gets an assist from Viacom boss Sumner Redstone and wife Paula, President Bill Clinton and Barbra Streisand.

At the event, President Clinton praised Streisand for befriending his mother. "Other people like her or don't for her politics," Clinton said of Streisand, "but I want you to know something — she called my mother once a week for one solid year until she died. And I will never forget that."

APril 6, 2007

Europe Tour Dates [Unconfirmed]

The following dates are not confirmed, but are rumored: Rome (June 16), St. Petersburg (June 24), Stockholm (June 28.), Vienna (July 2), Nice (July 6), Barcelona (July 10), Dublin (July 14) and London (July 18 and July 22). Also rumored is that the Italian tenor group, Andiamo, will be substituting for Il Divo.

March 29, 2007

Barbra at Hillary Fundraiser

Barbra and Hillary

From The Washington Post:

Hillary Rodham Clinton raised $2.6 million at a star-studded fundraiser Saturday—twice the amount Barack Obama got last month at David Geffen's celebrity bash. Barbra Streisand, James Brolin, Ted Danson, Paula Abdul and Berry Gordy were among the 700 guests whom Sen. Clinton schmoozed at the home of billionaire Ron Burkle.

march 29, 2007

Live in Concert 2006—B&N Bonus Track

Boasting the bonus track "When the Sun Comes Out," this Barnes & Noble exclusive two-disc set presents Barbra Streisand's 2006 tour. This one-woman Broadway show ties together a set of greatest hits with a narrative arc, tracing the Streisand story through such classic songs as "The Way We Were," "Funny Girl," and "People," with pop-classical phenomenon Il Divo joining in on three special numbers. Streisand Live in Concert CD is now due in stores on Tuesday, May 8, 2007. If you click on the following TEXT LINK, you can pre-order the album at B&N.

Order STREISAND LIVE 2006 CD (with B&N Bonus Track)

2006 Live CD

According to the official Columbia Records Press Release (March 28): "Produced by Barbra Streisand and Jay Landers, Live In Concert 2006 is a breathtaking audio celebration of the artist's historic 2006 concert tour, sequenced according to the concert set list with individual tracks culled from performances recorded at New York's Madison Square Garden (October 9 and 11); Washington DC's Verizon Center (October 13); and Fort Lauderdale, Florida's Bank Atlantic Center (October 28 and 30).

The 2-CD set will include a four-color artwork folder. The CD release will be proceeded by three weeks of TV advertising on 11 cable networks as well as a massive online promotional advertising campaign.LOOK FOR A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT FROM BARBRA JUST AS THIS CD HITS THE STREET.

Barbra-Archives can confirm the official track listing is:

Disc: 1

  1. Overture
  2. Starting Here, Starting Now
  3. Down With Love
  4. Way We Were, The
  5. Ma Premiere Chanson
  6. Evergreen - (with Il Divo)
  7. Come Rain Or Come Shine
  8. Funny Girl
  9. Music That Makes Me Dance, The
  10. My Man
  11. People

Disc: 2

  1. Entr'acte
  2. Music Of The Night, The - (with Il Divo)
  3. Jason's Song/ Carefully Taught/ Children Will Listen
  4. Unusual Way
  5. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
  6. Happy Days Are Here Again
  7. (Have I Stayed) Too Long At The Fair?
  8. Time Of Your Life/ A Cockeyed Optimist
  9. Somewhere - (with Il Divo)
  10. My Shining Hour
  11. Don't Rain On My Parade
  12. Smile

March 29, 2007

Rare Streisand 2-Track Vinyl Demo for Auction

An acetate of Barbra Streisand's first known recording demo, one of only ten that were manufactured in the early '60s, is being auctioned. Eight were sent to record companies and are no longer believed to exist, one went into Barbra's vault, and this one was given by her to a friend who's kept it in pristine condition for the past four decades. The demo disc features the songs "Come to The Supermarket (In Old Peking)" and "I Stayed Too Long at the Fair". The auction site describes the vinyl record as being in excellent condition, and a CD copy is included so that the lucky bidder can listen to the songs without wearing the acetate out.

The auction page is here.

March 1, 2007

Barbra: The Seventies

BARBRA: THE SEVENTIES, a new printed book from Barbra-Archives, is available for sale. The book is available at

February 5, 2007

Press Release

Barbra just released a statement through her publicist:

In response to press inquiries concerning campaign contributions by Barbra Streisand relating to the 2008 presidential nomination process, Ms. Streisand has issued the following statement: “I’m very excited about the strength of the Democratic field for the 2008 presidential election, and I’m looking forward to a lively and healthy primary debate that discusses the key issues facing this country. Because I want to see the frontrunners have the financial backing they need to be competitive during this process, I’ve decided to make the maximum allowable primary donation to Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama. As the conversation continues, I may make contributions to other candidates as well.

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