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1994 Concert Tour

Madison Square Garden

New York, New York

June 20, 23, 26, 28, 30, 1994

July 10, 12, 1994

Barbra Streisand greets the audience at the beginning of her concert series in New York at Madison Square Garden Monday, June 20, 1994.

(Above) Barbra Streisand greets the audience in a cream gown at the beginning of her concert series in New York at Madison Square Garden Monday, June 20, 1994.

(Below) A two-page spread in the March 27, 1994 New York Times, advertising the concert.

New York Times double page ad

Barbra returned to her home, New York City, in June and July 1994. She performed for fans at Madison Square Garden, recorded the concert there for the Columbia Records CD release, and "set" the show in the final running order that she'd use for the rest of the tour.

(Below: Streisand's New York opening night covered in the Post. Scan courtesy Ricky Coombs.)

Streisand in New York Post

Composer Jule Styne (Funny Girl, Gypsy) was in the audience opening night and told a reporter after the show: “This is beyond excitement. It's realization-plus. I have no doubt she's the greatest singer ever in my lifetime.”

Ticket stub to Madison Square Garden concert

On Friday, June 24th, in the middle of her successful run at the Garden, Streisand's team announced one more show—July 10th “for the fans”—and tickets went on sale June 26th. “She's crazy about performing in New York,” publicist Ken Sunshine said, “and she wanted to do more for the fans who had been shut out.” (There was some complaining about the general unavailability of tickets).

When the July 10th tickets sold out almost immediately, another show—July 12th—was added.

New York Set List:

Act I

Act II

* July 12th only

Barbra wore a different first act gown in New York. (Top right, below: Barbra mugs backstage at Madison Square Garden in her cream-colored gown before making her entrance. Her assistant, Renata, is on the left; Marty Erlichman is on the right.)

NYC gowns

During the second act of the June 26th show, Barbra wore an all white linen pants suit with an unconstructed jacket instead of the fitted, beaded 'get-up' she introduced in Vegas and wore during other shows.

Streisand in loose pantsuit

On June 28th, Barbra paid a surprise visit to The Late Show with David Letterman. Letterman had a running gag on the show about how he couldn't get Streisand concert tickets. So, Streisand strolled out on stage and handed Letterman a pair of tickets. After absorbing the audience's crazed reaction, Barbra joked to Letterman, “I just wanted to tell you to stop kvetching already!”

Many celebrities attended Barbra's New York shows: Barbara Walters, Liza Minnelli, Meryl Streep, Diane Sawyer, Mike Nichols, Art Garfunkel, Amy Irving, Fran Drescher, Halle Berry, and Harry Belafonte.

NY Times review

On July 12—Barbra's last show in New York— a video of her closing song, “Somewhere," was simulcast on the giant television screen in Times Square. This moment is preserved on the 2-disc CD. You can hear Barbra say, "Hello Times Square!" Streisand's tour publicist Ken Sunshine explained, "She felt so good coming home, she wanted to make this one last gesture for the people."

Below: Streisand reviews. Scans provided by: Ricky Coombs Babs Garden Party Barbra's Garden Party

Barbra's Top 10 List of Why We Saved New York For Last!

Since the Top 10 list is the intellectual property of CBS, I’ve decided to do my own top 8 List!

8. At the start of the tour in April, I took a number at Zabar’s, I came back when it was called!
7. In May, I got in a taxi at 30th and Fifth, the driver just found the place!
6. I love humidity!
5. We couldn ’t park to unload the trucks, because of alternate side, no standing, no sitting, street-cleaning, no stopping, no reclining, bus-stop, school zone, restricted, kosher, every 3rd Tuesday, fat chance parking regulations!
4. I decided to wait until the Mets were in 1 st place! And then I decided to come anyway!
3. I thought NY needed more excitement than just the Knicks, the Rangers, the Yankees, the Gay Games!
2. Summer sale at Bloomingdale’s
1. It’s my HOME!

Notes on the New York shows:

Streisand on New York stage

“The Concert” Tour

Date City Venue
April 20, 1994 London Wembley Arena
April 25, 1994
April 27, 1994
April 29, 1994
North America
May 10, 1994 Landover, MD US Air Arena
May 12, 1994
May 15, 1994 Auburn Hills, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills
May 17, 1994
May 19, 1994
June 2, 1994 Anaheim, CA Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
June 4, 1994
June 7, 1994 San Jose, CA San Jose Arena
June 9, 1994
June 20, 1994 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
June 23, 1994
June 26, 1994
June 28, 1994
June 30, 1994
July 10, 1994
July 12, 1994
July 18, 1994 Anaheim, CA Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
July 20, 1994
July 22, 1994
July 24, 1994



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