The Concert — Auburn Hills, MI

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1994 Concert Tour

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Auburn Hills, Michigan

May 15, 17, 19, 1994

Streisand in Detroit

Barbra's opening remarks from Michigan:

'Why Detroit?' ... it's a kind of sentimental journey because Detroit was my first club date outside New York in 1961. Some of you were there? I remember all the friends that I made here and how nice everyone was to me ... and I remember my friends who used to come to every show and watch me and then take me into their homes and feed me. And I never forget people who feed me.

Barbra was in great voice during the Detroit shows. The Concert was still a work in progress, though—Barbra cut the "I'm in the Mood For Love" medley, but kept "What Is This Thing Called Love?" in the show.

Barbra continued to use the long versions of "I'm Still Here," "I'll Know," and "Lover Man." "Evergreen" moved to the first act.

Detroit Set List:

Act I

Detroit newspaper ad

Act II

Detroit ticket

(Scan, above): Ticket and newspaper ad provided by Tigh Malone.

Barbra told Vanity Fair magazine in 1994:

When I was in Detroit, I thought, 'I don't know how I'm going to get through the next 15 shows.' It's pretty exhausting physically. It's a lot of breathing; you have to be in pretty good shape. And I don't work out vocally. I don't practice. It's the most boring thing you can imagine, doing scales. So I just said, 'F-- it, I can't.' I'm too tired the next day after a concert.

Listen to Barbra's opening remarks about working at the Caucus Club in Detroit:

Notes about the Detroit concerts:

“The Concert” Tour

Date City Venue
April 20, 1994 London Wembley Arena
April 25, 1994
April 27, 1994
April 29, 1994
North America
May 10, 1994 Landover, MD US Air Arena
May 12, 1994
May 15, 1994 Auburn Hills, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills
May 17, 1994
May 19, 1994
June 2, 1994 Anaheim, CA Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
June 4, 1994
June 7, 1994 San Jose, CA San Jose Arena
June 9, 1994
June 20, 1994 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
June 23, 1994
June 26, 1994
June 28, 1994
June 30, 1994
July 10, 1994
July 12, 1994
July 18, 1994 Anaheim, CA Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
July 20, 1994
July 22, 1994
July 24, 1994



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