The Concert — Landover, MD

Barbra The Concert logo

1994 Concert Tour

US Air Arena

Landover, Maryland

May 10, 12, 1994

Streisand singing at US Air Arena

Washington, D.C. Set List:

Act I

Full page newspaper ad for Streisand's DC concert

Act II

Barbra's opening patter:

I’m a political junkie so I always find Washington D. C. very fascinating, even though they’re always putting Hollywood down. And when some of us were invited to Washington last year, we were called terrible names. We were called nitwits, airheads, we were accused of not being serious, not being able to think straight like those in government ... which is very funny since Hollywood makes billions and the government owes trillions. Look, I once confessed in an article that I wrote that I used to steal bubble gum when I was kid, growing up, from the candy store in my neighborhood ... so, I could never run for office because if they found out, I could just see the headlines now: BUBBLEGATE! One good thing if I did though....I could do my own fundraisers!

Front page of Landover newspaper

Notes on the show (Streisand started tweaking and changing it in D.C.):

Streisand plays for Clintons

(Review below courtesy of Ricky Coombs, from his collection.)

(Below: Baltimore Evening Sun cover story from May 8th; below that, the Sun's review, May 11, 1994 next to the Washington Post review.)

Sun cover story

Baltimore's Evening Sun Streisand review

Streisand waves at USAir Arena

(Photo, above: May 10, 1994 ... Barbra Streisand waves to a sold out crowd at USAir Area in Landover, Md. to start her tour of the United States. Streisand is on the first stop of her five city tour, her first in 28 years. Photo by: Carlos Osorio.)

“The Concert” Tour

Date City Venue
April 20, 1994 London Wembley Arena
April 25, 1994
April 27, 1994
April 29, 1994
North America
May 10, 1994 Landover, MD US Air Arena
May 12, 1994
May 15, 1994 Auburn Hills, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills
May 17, 1994
May 19, 1994
June 2, 1994 Anaheim, CA Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
June 4, 1994
June 7, 1994 San Jose, CA San Jose Arena
June 9, 1994
June 20, 1994 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
June 23, 1994
June 26, 1994
June 28, 1994
June 30, 1994
July 10, 1994
July 12, 1994
July 18, 1994 Anaheim, CA Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
July 20, 1994
July 22, 1994
July 24, 1994



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