Voices For Change

Dukakis Hollywood Fundraiser
Beverly Hills, CA
October 16, 1988

Streisand sings for Dukakis

Sponsored by the Hollywood Women's Political Committee to benefit presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, Streisand performed for 700 people.

The lower lawn of the Ted and Susie Field mansion in Beverly Hills—Greenacres, it's called. Tara in Benedict Canyon, I call it.

[...] The Hollywood Women's Political Committee (HWPC) was hosting a fund-raiser for Gov. Michael Dukakis at Greenacres.

Ashford and Simpson and their rendition of Solid As A Rock kept the tent rolling ... Bouncy Bette Midler was downright sassy—very, very coo-chi-coo and acting coy in her very strapless, short, full-skirted dress.

[...] More speeches. Kitty Dukakis thanked everyone for a wonderful evening. Then the lights went out, and from offstage, that glorious voice of Barbra Streisand started singing “Happy Days Are Here Again.” The lights came up, and there she was. Next came “America the Beautiful”; after the applause she disappeared the same way she appeared.

Cut to:

The end. HWPC member Patricia Duff Medavoy was smiling. “This evening was a huge success. One, because we raised over $800,000. Two, because everyone is leaving with their spirits bouyed, alive and energized to do more work.”

Below: Senator John Kerry joins Chevy Chase, Kitty Dukakis, Barbra Streisand, Jesse Jackson and Texas State Treasurer Ann Richards at the Hollywood Women's Political Committee's “ Celebration of America.”

Politicos and Streisand


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