Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

Sacramento, California

December 5, 1963

Sacremento Memorial Auditorium

“That last tour was grueling,” hairdresser Fred Glaser recalled. “We went from San Francisco to Sacramento to San José. There were three of us in a rental car, Barbra, me, and [conductor] Peter Daniels. It was hot and we had no air-conditioning. At every hotel we checked into there were new pages of Funny Girl waiting for Barbra. She learned the new songs and the script in the car.” (Funny Girl began rehearsals in New York the next week.)

Variety reported that the Irving Granz-promoted show in Sacramento grossed around $5,000, with tickets priced between $2.75 and $4.75. Barbra was paid $8,000 for the one-nighter.

Ad for Streisand's Sacramento sshow

Page Credits: Sacremento ad courtesy of Rafe Chase.

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