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Chicago, Illinois

June 11—30, 1963

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The Night Beat

On Barbra's Bandwagon

by Sam Lesner

Barbra Sterisand is a 21-year-old kook from Brooklyn who was obviously born to be in show business. Appearing now at Mister Kelly's, she is vocally a cross between a sweet-voiced canary and a whooping crane, but she's sparkling and fresh.

It was just recently that Barbra began to be noticed as an extraordinary singing personality with an impish sense of humor. She sings strange songs mostly. For example, "Harold Mangert" is a satirical love song from her first off-Broadway show, Another Evening With Harry Stoones, done in 1960. "I'll Tell The Man," is a Rodgers and Hart tune that Rodgers admits he forgot about until Barbra brought it to life again.

Then there is "Happy Days Are Here Again," which is seldom heard these days outside of a political convention. By Miss Streisand, it comes out as something quite new and exciting—almost a free-verse ballad.

A Broadway show last year, I Can Get It For You Wholesale, started the Streisand bandwagon rolling, and it has gained fuel locally through a single record album. A flood of her fans were on hand opening night to cheer for the tunes that Barbra has recorded and made her own: "Cry Me A River," "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" and "Any Place I Hang My Hat." [...]

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Dusk Till Dawn

Popular Songs Unusually Sung

By Charlie Dawn

Take popular songs like "Happy Days Are Here Again" and "Cry Me A River" and you listen, today, with half-hearted interest. But take those same songs with the unusual dressing Barbra Streisand gives the and they become alive and thrilling all over again!

Miss Streisand is the young songstress who has done a Broadway show, made numerous featured personal appearances on television network shows, and now is capturing the fancy of Chicagoans in Mister Kelly's on Rush street.

She opened her first engagement in Mister Kelly's this week and judging by the crowds who have gathered to hear her—early and late— her 3-week showing will be a hefty winner!

For those who seek unusual treatment in song presentation, Miss Streisand is the answer. And for those who merely want entertainment the answer is the same.

With Peter Daniels as accompanist, Barbra unfolds many fine songs, all dressed in Streisand style. "Cry Me A River," the way she does it, sort of makes you forget about Johnnie Ray who introduced the number. And "Happy Days..." takes a new stance in the Streisand program.

Among other winners this comely lady presents are "Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home," "Keeping Out of Mischief Now," "Who Will Buy?" and "Down With Love."

With singing — and performing — talent like this, it's no wonder Mister Kelly's is doing a bang-up business!

On the program with her is comedian Jackie Vernon, another newcomer to our bright-life realm. Jackie's quips and stories concern everyday life, and a lot of memories are revived as he talks quietly and comically [...]

CHICAGO TRIBUNE — June 16, 1963

Barbra Spells That Way, but She Sure Sings Right

by Will Leonard

Aside from demanding that her front name be spelled that way, Barbra Streisand is a very interesting 20-year-old. Vocalwise, that is. Her voice is different and exciting, not so much because of an unnatural, mechanical edge [almost any singer can affect such a gimmick], as because of its nervy, unabashed, kidding-on-the-square tone. Her advance publicity brubles with items like, "David Merrick adores her" and "'She's very extraordinary,' gushes Truman Capote." That's almost enough to unsell a man who likes to wait and see, but when Merrick's adoration and Capote's gushing have sizzled down, one still has the impression of a young lady who pitches old songs with a new curve and proffers new songs of fresh flavor with a faint, quaint suggestion of the caustic. Can't recall having heard a newcomer quite like her [...]

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