Harrah’s Tahoe

South Shore Room

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

September 9—22, 1963

Exterior of Harrahs in the 60s

Steve Robinson wrote: “Harrah's South Shore Room was a real nightclub, like you see in old movies, but bigger, seating 750 for dinner. Going to a showroom was the grown-up event. There was a dress code: cocktail attire for the ladies; jacket and tie for the men, even at the midnight cocktail show. A showroom meant a big sizzling steak; a separate waiter just for your baked potato; and dinner music from a full live orchestra. A showroom meant a production number with the Moro-Landis dancers [ ... ] an opening act; and a headliner. Real headliners. Sammy Davis Jr.; Red Skelton; Judy Garland; Mitzi Gaynor [ ... ] Liberace once brought an opening act he called his 'discovery,' a singer named Barbra Streisand.”

After closing her run at L.A.'s Cocoanut Grove, Barbra Streisand (billed as “Extra Added Attraction”) appeared on Harrah's stage with Liberace at Harrah's — nightly at 8:15 PM and midnight (with a special third show at 2:15 AM on Saturdays).

Liberace at Harrahs

Liberace was a big Streisand fan. “Barbra was at Bon Soir,” he recalled. “I said ‘I want that girl for Las Vegas!’ Excited as I was, the people in Vegas weren't—until one night we had all the stars in. She was a star that night. We went to Tahoe. We had to do the same thing up there. I truly understood her and loved her and she loved me.”

Liberace told more Streisand stories: “Once she gave a party and made everybody a birthday cake. How's the cake? she asked. Elliott Gould said ‘The cake is wonderful but the frosting is so chewy.’ She said ‘I ran out of confectioner's sugar and I used flour.’

“I went to see Funny Girl and she did the cutest thing—sang my theme song, ‘I'll Be Seeing You.’ A woman next to me said, I didn't know Fanny Brice sang that song.”

Barbra married Elliott Gould in Carson City on September 13, 1963. The marriage was witnessed by her manager Marty Erlichman and Martin Bregman, her business manager.

Streisand and Gould marriage certificate

(Above: Newspaper announcement about Streisand and Liberace; Below: The Streisand/Gould marriage certificate from the Carson City Clerk-Recorder—note the spelling of Streisand's first name.)

Marriage Certificate


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