Garret Theater

49th Street

New York, NY

Opened January 15, 1959

The Garrett Theater was an attic-like theater space with 40 seats. Driftwood played for six weeks.

“I remember throwing up my egg salad sandwich before I went on,” Barbra said.

Joan Rivers (in 1959 she was known as Joan Sandra Molinsky) has told the story for years that she and Streisand played lesbian lovers in Driftwood. “It was my idea,” Rivers said. “It was a man’s part and they couldn’t cast it, so I said ‘I’ll do it! Make them lesbians!’ and Barbra was really thrilled.”

Streisand in Driftwood

Rivers jokingly confessed, “Let me tell you, Barbra is a great kisser, but no tongue…”

Author Janes Spada disproved Rivers' story when he interviewed Driftwood playwright Maurice Tei Dunn in his book Streisand: Her Life. Streisand played “Lorna”, a character who had a mysterious relationship with the main (male) character in Driftwood.


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