Concord Hotel

Lake Kiamesha, New York
August 10, 1963

Exterior of Concord Hotel

The Concord Resort Hotel was a world-famous destination for visitors to the Borscht Belt part of the Catskills, known for its large resort industry in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s.

Comedian Norm Crosby played The Concord and remembered it fondly: “The Concord was huge. The stage was enormous and the people that came up there were mostly New Yorkers that just came up for the weekend. They were a great audience once they got to know you. You'd walk out to an ovation. The same clientele summer after summer, year after year.”

Imperial Room

In the book It Happened in the Catskills: An Oral History in the Words of Busboys, Bellhops, Guests, Proprietors, Comedians, Agents, and Other Who Lived It, Robert Towers wrote: “Streisand came up on a Friday night before she made Funny Girl. The William Morris Agency said, ‘Look, you're getting her for $500. Later on you won't be able to buy her for anything.’ She came up—a little girl in a gunnysack dress with a big voice. She tore the place apart.”

Ad for Streisand at Concord hotel

[It's interesting to note that the ad says Streisand is playing on August 9th, not the 10th.]

Comedienne Marilyn Michaels agreed “it was like you made it if you headlined The Concord. Big place. At the time they had these knockers to applaud with. They didn't use their hands, they used these wooden sticks with wooden balls at the end of them. If they really liked you then they used their hands.”


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